The number of keywords on a page signified the most for search ranking, which was the case once upon a time. The tips and tricks that worked a few years ago are no more effective since all the SEO trends are changing too rapidly and if you want to get the full benefits of a new algorithm then you better adapt to the changes. 

SEO is no longer jargon, however, you may find it challenging to optimize your website both for users and search engines; especially if you are a beginner. Even experienced ones make some mistakes on their way that can cost them their hard work. 

Such mistakes can have severe consequences that may lower your ranking and traffic; consequently leading to a situation in which your site is removed from search results. Do you want to go through this kind of experience by yourself or are you ready to take precautions and avoid some drastic mistakes?

Here are some of the most common SEO mistakes to avoid at any cost:

Keywords mistakes

It is keyword quality rather than quantity that matters. Not performing keywords analysis is the prime SEO fallacy. Using irrelevant keywords won’t give you a better ranking since you can’t reach out to your potential audience. Hence, pick more specific key phrases.

Also, track trending keywords which may not only increase your visibility but also check whether your product or service is in demand or not. Furthermore, start choosing keywords with low or middle keyword difficulty degrees. Sometimes you don’t add the primary keyword in the title or meta description which might cost you a chance to get a higher ranking in the search result pages.

Keyword stuffing is another mistake that makes your content look odd and spammy. The admissible range of keyword density is a mere 5 – 10%. Using high keyword density will convey the poor standpoint of your site to Google. For this, you can use keyword density and keyword planner. There are more tools that can help you out but choose the ones that can meet your requirements efficiently.

Allowing broken and/or poor quality links

A website needs external links and better recognition to get a good rank on Google. The more the quality content, the more quality backlinks your content gets.

Building unnatural links, having too many broken links can create an annoyance for Google. Don’t try to build unnatural links and remove any broken links if present. 

Irrelevant title tags and Meta descriptions

Title tags and meta descriptions offer information about your page and can help you improve your site’s ranking.

Not using relevant meta titles and descriptions can’t help search engines explore your website via spiders or web crawlers and index your content. For that reason, the search engine decides that your page is irrelevant to the search question which will lose its ranking. So make your title and meta descriptions clear and precise.

Disregarding Technical Optimization

Slow page speed is the new downtime for the website. Remove anything that slows your website. Similarly, ignoring site architecture can lead to several consequences. Arrange your site architecture and group your content logically. Make sure your URL structure is short, simple, and clear. And be sure to optimize your site for mobile.

Moreover, use jpg format for photos and png for graphics. Another important thing you should consider is the Alt-image text which will help your pictures to be ranked as appropriate search results.

Duplicate and low-quality Content

When more than one website contains similar content, search engines can’t decide which pages they should index first. Thereby, this content won’t be shown in search results.So, do not replicate content from other sites.

Be focused on high-quality content that is unique and engaging. Outdated content doesn’t do any good to your ranking and traffic. So repudiate them and come up with new ideas for your content.

Overlooking Competitive Analysis

By not analyzing your competitors, you are missing something new to apply to your SEO scheme. It’s better if the competitive analysis is not overlooked. Because it will help you to avoid mistakes your rivals are making.

Know your competitors and analyze the keywords they use, their site structure, meta tags, backlinks, and traffic source.

Not Assessing Results

Not least of all, you should never forget to assess your results after correcting all the blunders. Correct some technical errors that may happen over time. Since SEO trends are always changing, make sure to review your results and optimize your site accordingly. 

Perform SEO with effective SEO audit services and excel in your site’s ranking and traffic. 


The above-mentioned SEO mistakes are the most common mistakes people make that can even result in penalizing your site by search engines. It is very difficult to restore the site once it is penalized. Henceforth, it is suggested to optimize your site by following effective SEO strategies. This way your site can get proper recognition as well as huge traffic.

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