It is possible to make money playing video games in today’s economy. It’s hard work, however.

This route is popular because it takes away the joy of playing videogames. People end up hateting what they love instead of making it a career. It’s also risky because of the crowded market. There are many others who have tried and failed, just like every success story.

If you’re young and single and are willing to put in a lot of time, earning your primary income through games, it isn’t something we recommend. However, there are many ways to make money playing video games.

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1. Earn money to live stream

You can stream your gameplay live for everyone to see. You should aim to create a large audience that you can monetize through ads or a loyal following (which you can monetize via donations and subscriptions). Twitch is the most popular platform for streaming, but YouTube is also available.

Streaming is a difficult way to make money

A live stream audience takes time. For several months, you might not have more than 10 concurrent viewers. You may not even get 100 viewers per month for many years. The truth is that streamers rarely reach this point. To make a living streaming video games, it will take thousands of viewers.

Oversaturated streaming is a problem. There are so many other streams available to stream you. This is the hard part. You can set yourself apart by having your own style of humor and personality.

Getting Started

Fortunately, streaming is easy to access. You only need a good computer, some viewers that you enjoy watching, a personality and streaming software. You need to ensure that your internet upload speed can handle streaming, as well as the game you are playing.

We’ve shown you how to get started in PC gaming with Streamlabs OBS. This is a great option for beginners. A capture card is required if you are playing on consoles. This additional cost can be incurred.

2. Games Journalism: Try your hand

Do you dream of becoming a writer? You can join an existing website or start your own site and write news, reviews and interviews about a particular game, genre, industry, or other topic. As a freelancer, you will get paid per article if you write for an existing website. You can also monetize traffic by using ads, Patreon subscriptions or similar methods if you start your own website.

How to make money writing

Games journalism, like all types of journalism, is highly competitive. Many people desire to write about gaming for a living. Writing for an existing website will likely mean that you work for very little while building a portfolio and proving your skills. It will take many years to create an audience that you can make enough money to support your site.

Journalism is a demanding job. You will need to access all sources to obtain news stories before the rest. Interviews and reviews take a lot time. Writing every day can drain your mental energy.

Getting Started

Find open positions on medium-sized gaming sites. For now, ignore major gaming sites such as IGN and focus on startups with a small readership. You should have several writing samples. Send your application with writing samples and we will do our best to help you get accepted. Volunteer writing at smaller sites is a good option if you don’t have any previous work.

We do not recommend that you start your own games journalism website until you have many years of experience writing on established sites. It’s hard enough to write day in and day outside. It’s even more difficult to manage a website. This is a new level of effort and can lead to burnout.

3. Make video game guides and tutorials

Guides are a favorite pastime for many new players to certain games, especially those that involve multiplayer player-versus–player (PvP). This creates a market where people can make money by sharing useful information that they want to learn.

There are many options for creating game guides. These include creating a website, uploading videos to YouTube and publishing them as ebooks. These two options are usually monetized through ads and/or donations.

A guide can be written by anyone. You need to create guides that are popular in order to make money. However, the more popular a game is, the more competition there will be. Your guides will stand out by providing more information than other players. This means you need to invest a lot of time and become an expert.

Strong writing skills are essential. Guides should be both dense and thorough, but also easy to understand and entertaining. No matter if you are publishing ebooks or writing for web, formatting skills are essential.

GameFAQs offers a bounty program that pays cash to the first person who writes a complete walkthrough for a game title. These guides usually pay $200 or less, which is great. However, when you consider the time it takes to master the game and explain every aspect of the game, your hourly wage will be well below the minimum wage.

Getting Started

Learn the intricacies of a game and then help others to solve it.

In massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs), you should aim for gold guides and leveling guides as well as raid guides. You should use mechanics and build guides for PvP games such as Overwatch or Valorant. Focused guides that focus on specific topics, such as earning an Achievement or Trophy, will be most successful for single-player games.

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