We all must have thought about this question at some point in our lives, does social media help us to earn or do all these things are just illusions? After reading this blog, you’ll understand whether making money on social media is an illusion or not. 

Today’s generation knows how to earn but If we talk then when social media comes into our lives, we didn’t think that we can earn through social media or we can become popular/famous on it. At that time we can say that earning online is an illusion because of the lack of knowledge & opportunities, but now there is easy to hard work, which you can do and start earning from social media. 

To earn online you should have the knowledge of how to do work online? As teenagers we all try to earn online & we try hard too, but we don’t know about the resources we can use for earning.  

Here I’m going to tell you the best ways to earn online where you can gain more knowledge & start earning: 

Become an Influencer:

Influencer is a person who leaves an impact on the audience, & which lets them think twice about the topic or anything. Being an influencer is not a big deal in this generation where social media is on high peak, as everyone has a social media account & they know what they can do to become an influencer.

Now the question is how you can become one? There are many things that you can do to become an influencer. The most common & we can say effective is creating clips(short videos) which are really famous in the present. You just need to show your creative & unique side in your clips and you are ready to go viral & become an influencer.

There is many app where you can create clips  but the best short video app is “PickZon” 

Paid Promotion:

If you become a well-known person or influencer, you’ll be approached by a number of companies who want you to promote their products or businesses. This point, however, is based on the number of followers you have; if you have a large number of followers, you will be able to promote large brands, whereas if you have a small number of followers, you will be able to promote small brands that may grow in the future.

Blogs & Vlogs:

Blogs are online journals that can be a simple or tough way to make money. You can write online for free if you don’t have a domain, or you can purchase one if you want. There are many websites where you can write such as WordPress, blogger, and many more.

On the other hand, vlogs are based on the popular video journals of today. People make money by sharing their daily lives with the world, and YouTube is the best platform for doing so.

Online business:

Selling products online, such as your drawings or handcrafted items, is one of the most effective ways to show your creativity and talent. You can sell anything, but in today’s society, people like to buy handcrafted products, which you can sell and profit from. Just like that you can do many online businesses.

Offline shop owners:

If you run an offline store and want to reach more customers is to use social media. Let me explain how you may increase your customer base. You can set up a social media account in your company’s name and tell people what you’re selling and offer them low prices, which will attract customers to come to your store.

These are some points which you can use it for earning online, and also you should use the right app for doings all this & the app named “PICKZON” the best short video app in India you can create clips (Short videos), it is also best business promotion app, & sell/ buy items through this app.

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