We stack our belongings from box to box, taking great care to not damage any pieces. Some objects, like electrical appliances, may not fit into the boxes. The washing machine is one such object. It is essential to follow the steps to ensure its integrity.

How do you transport a washing machine?

If you are moving objects with an electrical system, there are certain things that must be done. They can become damaged during transport or even end up in a disaster. We will show you how to prepare your washing machine for a transfer. If you are in Canada you might be interested to know how to ship furniture across Canada.

  1. To ensure that your device is dry, it is best to wait at least 48 hours before you move.
  2. The washing machine should be disconnected from the water supply and electricity. This is important because the washing machine can move once it has been connected and is ready to go. Do not skip this step as your washer could perform an “unexpected dance”.
  3. It’s time to get rid of the water! It is possible for the water to remain stagnant in your machine, which can lead to problems when you transfer it. You must drain the water from the drum, drain pump, pipes, and hoses.
  4. It will be useful to have adhesive tape and plastic clips handy in this section. Let’s move on to the wiring, tubes, and hoses! These parts can be removed from the washer and stored in a bag. You must secure loose accessories securely so they don’t get damaged during washing.
  5. While the drum is being transferred, it is best to keep it stationary. It can be made firmer with sheets, blankets, sheets, or other light items that provide security.
  6. The corners of the washer machine are fragile and could be damaged in handling. Protect them with adhesive tape. Seal the doors and lids, as well as the soap dispenser, with adhesive tape.

Do you need to transport a washing machine?

  1. You can tighten the shipping bolts if you have them, which are located at the top or rear of the washer. These bolts are extremely important. However, if you do not have them, you will need to remove the top of the machine from the wall and fill the gap between the tank and walls with foam or clean cloths. It secures the top panel well.
  2. This “great little” item can now be used for internal protection. Bubble wrap the washer machine, then place rags and blankets over it. Secure it with a cord or straps. It’s now time to transport it.

However, this is not a movement you can do alone, it requires the assistance of two people, as the piece is quite heavy and large. You can’t do it alone! You must be careful while transporting your washing machine. It must travel vertically inside the truck. To avoid any damage, ensure that the washing machine is supported and stable in the vehicle.

Perfect Timing Moving can help you with all your moving needs. To move any object safely, our fleet is equipped with special levelers, safety straps, harnesses, and straps. No matter how high up your washing machine is, we will still be able to safely move it.

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