Cyber ​​security engineer, sometimes called information security engineers, detect threats and vulnerabilities in systems and software and use their expertise to develop the latest solutions for hacks, malware and piracy, internal threats and all other types of threats. They are usually members of a security and safety team.


According to the company’s operating system, the role of network security engineers includes, but is not limited to:

Design, manage, analyze, implement and improve network security and systems to store all relevant data on your company.

Promote the development of cyber security plans to keep the organization afloat in the event of network damage or attack.

Build security systems such as firewalls, encrypted technologies

Answer and solve internal security problems.

Perform submission tests to identify weaknesses and violations online.

Take appropriate measures to protect available data and equipment.

Manage these routine tasks such as complaints and discussions with other departments for troubleshooting.

Participate in change management processes within the organization.


Pursuing related to information technology, efforts to diagnose and correct issues in computer systems, and instincts for logical problem solving are the most important skills that anyone who wants to become an expert in cybersecurity needs.

Definitions of a Cyber security engineer also include:

Undergraduate studies in computer science, information science, systems engineering or related subjects.

Two to three years of experience in cyber security, such as intrusion detection, application response, and computer scanning.

Experience of pilots in burglary detection and prevention, operation of firewalls and endpoint security systems.

Extensive knowledge of tools and languages ​​such as Node, Python, Power Shell, C, Java, Ruby, Go etc.

Certificates such as Global Certification Certificate, Database Security Expert, Cisco Certified Network Professional, Certified Ethical Hacker v10, Certified Information Systems Auditor, and more. they are also important for achieving the required results in this area.

Stay up to date with the latest technology in the world of cyber security. With so much change and progress in this area, promotion and advancement are the key to becoming a cyber security expert.

CYBER security engineers Salary:

The question of how much cyber security engineers ask depends on a number of factors, such as industry, location, education, experience, job and position.

An online safety engineer has an initial fee of about $ 59,000 per year. Salary ranges from $ 74,000 to $ 96,000 per year, depending on experience and expertise. The average salary of Indian cyber security engineers is 500 500 500,000 to 50 550,000 per year, in Australia it is about $ 120,000 and $ 140,000.

The above rates may also change depending on supply and demand. Regardless of your specialization, a cybersecurity engineer may be looking for the best salary available in the IT department.


There is a high chance of growth in the network storage area. You can start working in this area as a novice from the university, or you can change routes and switch from other information technology services to network storage.

Anyone interested in problem solving and forecasting can choose a career as a safety designer. Designers create complex memory and ensure that they work efficiently. Design security systems to fight malware, hackers and DDoS attacks.

He works as a security consultant for a complete network security professional. This task includes assessing network security threats, troubleshooting and providing answers. The security provider needs to be flexible enough to manage the security systems in many companies and institutions.

A Penetration tester, also known as a hacker, who seeks out vulnerabilities in computer systems, networks and applications that use the same information as systems and hackers. Hat testers use a variety of tools to carry out actual cyberattacks, detect vulnerabilities and improve member security.

Working on a network security plan can lead to an individual becoming a leader in information security. This great control involves a great deal of freedom and natural strength. CISO establishes a security team, oversees the security of all institutions and reports directly to senior management in the hands of the CEO.

CISO’s average salary is close to $ 160,000. People between the ages of eight and 15 are expected to work in information technology and security before being eligible for this prestigious and relevant position.

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