It is the institution of marriage where year after year, you grow together and your experiences as a married couple give strength to your relationship and bond. Every couple has their own way to celebrate, and no such celebration is complete without some anniversary flowers. For ages, flowers have been known to depict different traits and emotions, and so the years of the anniversary are celebrated with a specific flower that synergizes with the meaning of each year. 

Here is the guide to help you find the perfect anniversary flowers that will signify the years you and your loved one have been together. 


The first year of marriage is a year of euphoria where romance is still on its high. And, the traditional flower used to mark the very first year of a couple’s marriage is the carnation. It’s the perfect flower to conclude that first year of marital bliss. Celebrate your first wedding anniversary and send flowers online to your better half marking a year filled with love and romance. 


Lily of the valley has been long associated with modesty and devotion. Surprise your better half with these heavenly flowers—a contemporary two-year celebratory gift of China to mark the successful second year of your wedding. 


All the attributes of the sun — strength, passion, warmth, and nourishment are symbolized by sunflowers. The vibrant yellow petals of this robust flower capture all the characteristics of three years of marriage.  The strong flower epitomizes the solid foundation for a successful relationship. 


The hydrangea symbolizes both gratefulness and pride – perfect to be given on the fourth anniversary. It also symbolizes gratitude and is the perfect way to thank your partner for another year of happy marriage together. 


Each of the daisy’s petals radiating outwards from the center symbolizes the intense bond of the couple and all their shared experiences. The big round center signifies the foundation—two living as one—and each of the petals ideally denotes the expansion and growth. ‘Appearances are often deceptive’ – holds to be true for daisies due to their simple looks offering much in real life. 

Calla Lily 

The significant six years of your marriage is a moment to reflect the beauty and pride gained from shared wisdom over time. This sophisticated trumpet-shaped bloom is a figure to denote transition and growth. This is the perfect metaphor for celebrating six years of marriage together. You also get online flower delivery in Kolkata by ordering flowers online at the best floral shop. 


With its unmatchable exotic appearance, the freesia is enough to enchant, the real delight of this glorious flower is its delightful scent. The aroma of freesia has been admired for centuries and has been a key ingredient in many soaps and lotions. Being a representative of trust and fidelity, it’s a traditional reminder of love’s virtuous aspect. 


Lilacs tend to be a timeless gift and perfect floral representation of the remarkable eight years spent together. Your eighth anniversary is a great time to look back and remember all the years you spent with each other. They have been treasured for generations owing to their heart-shaped, deep green leaves and irresistibly fragrant blooms. 

Bird of Paradise

Bird of paradise— resembles one of the most striking, exotic birds in the world with its large orange and blue blossoms. It symbolizes magnificence and splendor celebrating romance’s unexpected side. It makes a stunning ninth anniversary flower. A bird of paradise bouquet promises enough color and joy for the coming years. 


Daffodil happens to be the perfect bloom marking the magical ten years or simply a decade of your married life! It seems as if it was just a few years back you tied a note and now completing a glorious ten years. Daffodil remains a perfect analogy for your 10th wedding anniversary. Alike in nature, the same is in the journey called life where the daffodil reminds us of renewal and simple pleasures. 

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