Success in the video production industry can take many forms. Creative fulfillment, higher profits, and employee growth are all common suspects. Repeat business is a tried-and-true measure of success in any video production company, regardless of size — it’s five times cheaper to keep a customer than to acquire a new one. 

Tips for a Successful Video Production Company:

While your creative abilities are important, your manufacturing video production service is a business, and as such, you’ll need to know how to manage customer relationships and retention. 

Here are five things you can do, as well as five things you should avoid, to keep your clients pleased and the jobs coming in.

1. Provide Value Rather Than Merely Another Video

We can all too easily become engrossed in the creative process and forget that the product we’re creating (in this case, a film or series of videos) must achieve its commercial goal. By asking yourself the appropriate questions — “What is the job of this video?” — you’ll be able to work with your consumers more effectively. What does it mean to be successful? 

The more people trust and realize that you have their best interests at heart, the more you will be able to make a video that meets their aims. If people believe you’re solely interested in creative fulfillment for yourself, they’ll be less likely to trust you, making the review process more difficult and ultimately jeopardizing your entire project.

2. Communicate Both The Positive And Negative Aspects Of The Situation.

Communication that is open and honest fosters trust and understanding. Even with the best-laid plans, errors occur, schedules become jumbled, and files become misplaced. If you don’t notify clients about things that aren’t working or that have failed, they may assume they aren’t getting the whole picture about your output. 

Maintain a consistent and regular communication schedule. Daily updates, even via email, are fantastic, and if there’s an issue, get on it as soon as possible and explain it to them, along with your top two or three options for going forward. 

Things always go wrong, therefore take advantage of it to become closer to your customers. They’ll want to collaborate with you more if they trust you.

3. The Client’s Experience Accounts For Half Of The Transaction.

Although you’re a product supplier, and your product must produce positive results for your customers, never forget about the experience of your customers when they buy from you. 

Consider what would happen if you and another video production firm produced similar-quality work, but the other company made the experience of working with them pleasurable and efficient while ensuring they paid attention to the details. 

They may make an exception if your product is considered superior and produces fantastic outcomes for a customer’s business, but the entire procedure is tough and lacks communication. The work would have to be absolutely extraordinary.

4. Don’t Overpromise And Underdeliver

This is an age-old saying that holds true now as well as it ever has. One of the most effective ways to keep people coming back is to offer somewhat more than they expect and then deliver even more. 

This may appear to be a cynical psychological ploy, but who wouldn’t be pleased if a product that was already fantastic turned out to be even better? There’s no gimmick here; just put in the effort to get amazing outcomes and avoid overselling the project before it’s even started.

5. Be A Pleasure

This encompasses everything mentioned above and is the key to keeping your clients pleased. Consider the occasions in your life when you’ve received a pleasant surprise: a free drink because you weren’t seated quickly enough in a restaurant; a free flight upgrade; an extra scoop of ice cream. 

These services cost the organization money, but the value they receive in return is 10 times what they paid because they now have a satisfied customer who will return and refer others. This is entirely possible in your video production company. 

Consider something that pertains to the service you’re providing to your consumer, and then add something more on top of it. It may be as straightforward as designing and printing alongside the supplied final video, a false film poster. 

They’ll put it up in the office and smile every time they see it because it represents their achievements, your efforts… and your logo!

Your clients will keep coming back for more if you have the proper balance of creative skills and business acumen.

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