If you want to have an abortion in UAE, you can get it through the use of the Abortion Pills. These pills can be taken two days apart. The consultation can be done either at home or at a Abortion Pills in UAE. The procedure is usually complete in 24 hours. If you are unsure of the process, you can contact the doctor on WhatsApp. This way, you can get in touch with her. Afterwards, you can take the pills at home or in a health centre.


The Abu Dhabi Abortion Clinic performs the Same Day Abortion procedure, where a woman can get an abortion in just four to six hours. A woman should take three to five pills of misoprostol, dissolved under the tongue, and swallow them. abortion pills available in dubai is complete within 24 hours, and in half of cases, no surgical procedure is required. Patients who complete the procedure without surgery can contact Dr. Zahra Ahmad via WhatsApp.

The safest method of abortion is an in-clinic procedure, which requires a woman to be 71 days past her last period. But if she’s planning a home abortion, she can opt for Misoprostol as an abortion pill in UAE, which saves her time and money. Additionally, it enables her to choose her companion. It also allows her to choose where she wants to have the procedure done.


If you are considering an abortion pill in the UAE, you may be wondering how effective it is. Mifepristone is used to induce abortions when the fetus is seven weeks or more along. The procedure can be done in the UAE after 70 days from the last period. The pills will dissolve in the stomach, and you will see bleeding for five to 10 minutes. After that, you should not have any vaginal contact for five days. Some women experience mild to moderate bleeding, which may stop and start. Other side effects include nausea and breast tenderness, which generally go away within a day or two.

In Dubai, there are two types of medications available for this procedure: mifepristone and misoprostol. The former blocks the hormone progesterone, a precursor to pregnancy, while the latter causes bleeding and cramping. The end result of this process is similar to that of a premature birth. While the pill may seem to be safe and effective, it should be remembered that there are still certain risks associated with it.

Vacuum aspiration method of abortion

If you have decided to end your pregnancy, then you should know the risks of choosing this method. During the first trimester, most abortions are done by aspiration. However, the second trimester is when vaginal birth is more common. You must undergo two appointments to complete the abortion. There is a risk of abdominal cramps and moderate to severe pain. In some cases, pain management is required to prevent complications. The pain associated with medical abortion can be severe and require a return visit. However, the risks of a medical abortion are minimal.

During the second trimester, you can try the Vacuum Aspiration method of abortion. This method is available for women of up to 14 weeks of pregnancy. This method uses gentle suction to remove the fetus. It takes about five to ten minutes to complete and you should rest for thirty to sixty minutes afterwards. If you are planning to undergo an abortion in the UAE, it is important to know how to safely get the procedure.

Premature birth pill

There are many options for women who are considering an abortion. One of the most popular is a Cytec abortion pill, which can be purchased in the UAE. These pills are available for women 71 days or more after their last period. Women who are ten weeks or more past their due date can also opt for an in-center abortion. Both methods are safe and quick, though some women report experiencing nausea after the procedure. Cytec abortion pills are available in the UAE and carry a stigma. In some countries, crisis pregnancy clinics try to discourage women from seeking abortions by referring them to these abortion pills.

The pills are white and hexagonal in shape. They contain three types of drugs. Fake pills are packaged in ordinary plastic and don’t come in their original shape. These abortion pills are sent by Dubai post, Abu Dhabi post. Often, women who purchase these pills will experience nausea and breast tenderness, but these symptoms are not as serious as those associated with an abortion.

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