Lab diamonds are very popular since they have exceptional qualities which set them apart from mined diamonds. They are also more affordable than any other diamond and still bring the same amount of joy when received by the loved one as natural diamonds do. When it comes to choosing lab grown diamonds, there are several facts that you need to know to make the right decision and get what you pay for. These include diamond size, color, cut and clarity. This article will help you learn more about lab grown diamonds so that you can choose the best one based on your budget and preferences.

The Round Cut Lab Diamonds.

Round cut Lab diamonds are a stunningly beautiful cut, and they are also very affordable. Since round-cut Lab diamonds have an optical symmetry of 100%, they have high light performance that makes them sparkle with a pure white brilliance that almost appears as if it’s coming from within. This high level of sparkle cannot be duplicated by normal CVD diamond manufacturing methods, so it only occurs in lab-created diamond cuts. The round cut Lab diamonds can range from 0.5 to 3 carats and sometimes higher! The bigger round cuts are great for earrings or pendants since they don’t require setting prongs to hold them in place, thus saving you money on your purchase. They make great additions to any jewelry collection.

There are many ways you can choose to customize your Lab diamonds: you can choose whether or not to include claws for earring settings, opt for customized colors such as pink, yellow or blue and even pick out how big you want it (1/2ct – 2ct). It’s all up to you! You should know that when purchasing lab created diamonds online, round cuts will cost less than fancy shapes like princess cuts because there isn’t much variation in color between different stones in a single piece of jewelry made from fancy shapes. If a variation is important to you when shopping online, we recommend choosing another shape like rounds or ovals which allow more room for variety.

The Princess Cut A Lab Diamonds.

Princess cut Lab diamonds are a great choice for consumers who are looking for a low-cost diamond alternative to an expensive natural stone. The slightly elongated shape of Princess Cut lab created diamonds provides more sparkle and shine than round shaped lab stones, which can make them appear larger and more brilliant. Lab created princess cut stones have also become increasingly popular among couples that don’t adhere to traditional gender roles – with men choosing princess cuts as engagement rings because they often match their female counterparts’ wedding bands. Because of their classic shape, Lab produced princess cut stones are also one of our bestselling cuts when it comes to earrings, pendants and other jewelry pieces. As Lab diamonds continue to grow in popularity, we expect demand for Lab created princess cut stones will only increase.

6/5/18 Update: Today we published a new lab grown diamond inventory on both our CVD diamonds (chemical vapor deposition) and HPHT (high pressure high temperature) pages! We’ve got a full suite of new lab grown princess cut gems including 1 carat, .75 carat, .50 carat and .25 carat sizes available in H color & SI1 clarity at wholesale prices! Click here to check out all of our lab grown princess cut diamonds now!

The Cushion Cut Lab Diamonds.

You’re right that there’s a great deal of confusion about lab-grown diamonds, and although I’m not exactly sure what you mean by CVD and Lab Created Diamond Manufacturer, I can tell you that our bestselling lab diamonds cuts are cushion and round. Cushion cut, or baguette cuts, have been in fashion for many years now, and both men and women find them extremely attractive. Similarly, round cut gems come in all sorts of shapes—from princess to emerald—and they look excellent when set into jewelry. Lab grown round-cut stones shine brightly with fire and brilliance. As far as characteristics go, Lab created diamond manufacturers always opt for high-quality diamond crystals with a minimum color grade of H (colorless) or better. Lab diamonds feature beautiful sparkle and gorgeous clarity; because they’re made in a lab, we can choose to avoid impurities like nitrogen. The bottom line: we use real diamond crystals, so Lab created diamond manufacturers’ products possess exceptional quality and value.

A Review Of Three Gold Bands.

Choosing a ring made of gold can be both fun and overwhelming at times. And while yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold are well-known choices, they’re not necessarily considered by all to be ideal. This begs one question: what are your favorite color of lab diamonds engagement rings and wedding bands? To help you make an informed decision, we’ve included a review of three stunning lab created diamonds below. But first, let’s discuss why CVD (chemical vapor deposition) technology makes this designer rings so popular among brides and grooms today. Also known as Lab Gold Rings, these products typically last for much longer than traditional jewelry—sometimes up to 40 years or more!

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