India comes on the bucket list of trip places for many travelers. Nobody can overlook the rich culture of India and the Indian people. Diverse faith, colorful attires, food that includes thousands of varieties and the architecture that Indians got in their inheritance, are some amazing core points that never fail in attracting people towards it. But from where one can start? Well, you can’t do better than starting it from the capital of this country, yes it is, ‘Dil walon ki Dilli’.

Where to visit in Delhi?

You can not take a breath while counting the number of places that are worth visiting in Delhi. The local food, market, and people from various states of India, are just like someone has mixed the most bright colors on a canvas. Some places keep their distinct charm here. Let’s know about them.

Lotus Temple

Alluring tourists with its serene beauty and architecture the lotus temple depicts the message of ” Bahai faith”. The construction of the temple was completed in the year 1986 and it resembles the stunning shape and color of India’s national flower, the Lotus flower. The main motive behind the construction of this temple was to organize the gatherings of people of all faiths. This is also widely known as the ‘Bahai house of worship as the Bahai term signifies, the faith of all people.

The time to visit this place is from 9 am to 7 pm and nobody needs to pay a charge for visiting and roaming inside.

Agrasen Ki Baoli

There might be some confusion in the name as some calls it Agar Sain ki baoli and some calls it Ugrasen ki baoli but the scenic and historical attraction it drags, is far away than any confusion. It is a blend of rocks and stones which convey the message to a new world that how your ancestors saved the water. Yes, you got it right. It is a water reservoir whose origin is the earth and it stands on 103 stone steps. The famous Indian film PK brought its architecture into the limelight.

 Staring the beauty for hours does not require any charges but it is limited between 7:30 am to 6 pm.

Lodhi garden –

The lush green garden near the Safdarjung tomb tells a lot about its beauty and history. The making of this Lodhi garden took place in the 15th century. When Britishers were ruling over India, it was known as ‘ lady Willingdon park’ but soon after crushing the British shackles,  Indians returned their old identity to it. Besides being a historical monument it is a hub of morning walkers and nature admirers.

Gurudwara Sisganj Sahib

Keeping a distinct significance and holiness, the place is very close to the Sikh community. It reflects the lifestyle of the Sikh guru. The main prayer hall can leave you awestruck as it has beautiful chandeliers, a high ceiling and the holy book of the Sikh community, “the Guru Granth sahib”. The location of this serene Gurudwara is near the Punjabi Bagh Shamshan. The caretakers of this gurudwara are very cordial and tell a lot more about the history associated with it to enhance the knowledge of visitors.

Waste to wonder park

The name signifies the way of its creation. After seeing this ravishing park who can say it is standing on the foundation of scrap materials. If you are waiting to hang out with your children in an enriching place where you can infuse some knowledge along with fun then it could be the best option. It holds the replicas of all seven wonders of India which are made with metallic rods, aluminum foils, scrap and other waste options. The execution of waste can be too good to see, you will believe this only after visiting here.

The maintenance of waste to wonder park requires some funds. For the fulfillment of that purpose, there is a fee of 50 rupees for adults and 25 rupees for children. It opens at 11 am but Monday can upset you if you are planning to visit it on that day.

Dilli Haat

Love for craft never grows old. Visiting Delhi can not be completed without roaming inside the Dilli Haat. Visiting it anytime is okay but if you are seeking for the diversity of Indian culture, opt the evening time. The beauty of lights, food plaza and open roof places can dazzle your eyes. The unique items like sandalwood, rosewood carvings, beads, metal crafts, and brassware draw a handsome amount in big stores. But here you can easily get them at a reasonable price.

Visiting here is allowed from 10 am to 10 pm and it requires a nominal fee which everyone can bear to satiate the eyes.

National museum

For knowing India from a close perspective, the national museum will aid you the maximum. Visiting here will surely be a lifetime experience to capture in the heart. It brings the rich culture of India together. The objects related to ancient civilization are present here like sculptures, clay samples, coins, paintings, carvings, antiquities manuscripts and other valuable stuff are present here. A well-articulated audio tour is something that gives a real touch to the stories.

The timing of the opening is 10 am and it remains close on Monday. Indian needs to pay 10 rupees for visiting and foreigner needs to pay 300 rupees.

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