Started journey in 2020 as a technitrogen blogger, but later adopted it as a full time career in websites and generated over million dollars working on different platforms & model including Adsense enabled websites promoted through Search Engine Optimization & Many different work like domain flipping etc.

Now, I’m training Pakistani youth digital marketing including SEO, Blogging, Domain Flipping, Affiliate Marketing and how to sell these services over different platforms in Pakistan and word wide.

Original Name & Overview

Original Name Of This Person Is Saif Ur Rehman Khan Mostly Popular & Known as Saifi Khan Lodhi an Saif Khan. He is Founder Of two most popular websites TechNitrogen & Lexles. He is Well Known Pblic Figure, Blogger, Web Designer, Entrepreneur & Content Creator. With thousands of followers on different platforms following Saif Khan for their proven Tips & Tricks.

Founder of TechNitrogen

Saif Ur Rehman Khan As Saifi khan lodhi or Saif Khan is the Founder of Technitrogen & Lexles. This person have 2 main website where he educating most of the freelancers & thousands of readers , Most popular name TECHNITROGEN & LEXLES. He is the founder of these 2 websites which playing huge role for freelancers to build their carrier in online world working from home.


This Person Completed Many Projects for freelancers to changer their life & work on online carrier for their students & he plays huge role in rural areas of Pakistan. Recently Saif Khan Is Working on Tech Nitrogen & Lexles website where he providing educational & informational stuff to freelancers, How to earn money from home & easiest ways of earning money online from home. Many students get success by following Saif Khan.

How He Get Famous

Saif Ur Rehman Khan live in Bahawalpur Known as Saifi Khan Lodhi is only 22years old making huge $ dollars on by different works, Working on very big projects & helping thousands of Freelancers daily. Saifi Khan Lodhi Pakistani entrepreneur, businessman, and author, known as the Founder and President of Tech Nitrogen, one of the world’s best blogging site for freelancers. In 2020, he founded the  company known as Tech Nitrogen. This Company getting famous day by day on many different platforms. The main reason of getting famous Saif Khan is their TechNitrogen Company.

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