Technitrogen is a blogging website, which has been present in the market since 2020. They provide various blog of online earning and Information technology.
Technitrogen is the world’s Top blogging website with the most professional Guidance and Material available for free.

Original Name and Overview

Original Name Of This Person Is Muhammad Usama. Mostly Popular Known as Raees Usama. He is CFO Of most popular websites TechNitrogen. He is Well Known Public Figure, Blogger, Entrepreneur & Content Creator. With thousands of followers on different platforms.

CFO Of TechNitrogen

At TechNitrogen, we are committed to providing the best experience for our customers. This is why we have a CFO who is responsible for the financial and administrative aspects of the company.

Muhammad Usama has been with the company for over two decades, and he is responsible for ensuring that all transactions of the company are done in a transparent manner so that it can be audited by regulatory authorities. He also manages all financial planning processes, including budgeting and forecasting, as part of his responsibilities.


This Person Completed Many Projects for freelancers to changer their life & work on online carrier for their students & he plays huge role in rural areas of Pakistan. Recently Muhammad Usama Is Working on Tech Nitrogen website where he providing educational & informational stuff to freelancers, students & rural people.

How He Get Famous

There are few things that can make you famous in life. Muhammad Usama(CFO) is the head of finance for a company who’s job it is to make sure that the company has enough money to operate and grow. Muhammad Usama been working as CFO for He Get Famous since 2019. Prior to this, he was working for a local financial consulting firm as an accountant and investment banker. As an avid blogger, he wanted to establish himself as a voice on social media so in 2020 he started blogging anonymously about personal finance topics such as investing and retirement planning. Muhammad Usama live in Bahawalpur Known as Raees Usama is only 23 years old making huge money on by different works, Working on very big projects & helping thousands of Freelancers daily. Raees Usama Pakistani entrepreneur, businessman, and author, known as the CFO of Tech Nitrogen, one of the world’s best blogging site for freelancers. In 2020, he founded the company known as Tech Nitrogen. This Company getting famous day by day on many different platforms. The main reason of getting famous Muhammad Usama is their TechNitrogen Company.

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