If you’re getting married, you want the perfect ring, and while diamond engagement rings are all the rage, they are not the only option available to you. CVD diamonds (created in a lab rather than mined from the earth) offer many of the same qualities as mined diamonds and can be just as beautiful. Here are five reasons why CVD diamonds are the perfect wedding ring choice!

1) 10-Year Warranty

Lab-grown diamonds offer a 10-year warranty, whereas mined diamonds come with only a one-year warranty. In case your CVD diamonds happens to break or chip within that period, you’ll be covered by our lab grown diamond guarantee and will be issued a replacement. Some policies don’t cover chips, cracks or other damage that may occur as part of everyday wear and tear. We protect all issues that might arise during everyday use. And if it looks like your ring could use some extra care (i.e., re-polishing), we’ll pay for shipping to our headquarters in Dallas, Texas so we can take care of it free of charge! After 10 years, your CVD diamonds is guaranteed to maintain its original appearance—or we’ll replace it with another stone at no cost.

The difference between a lab-grown diamond and an ordinary real diamond is twofold: clarity and color. Lab-grown diamonds aren’t subject to impurities from natural geologic formations such as gas pockets or soil—and therefore are purer than their mined counterparts. That means they have fewer imperfections overall and achieve a better grade on the Gemological Institute of America grading scale.

2) Inclusions That Are Not Really Inclusions

Most people don’t understand that CVD diamonds are not lab-created diamonds. Instead, they refer to lab-grown diamonds—and that’s a big difference. Lab-grown diamonds, like synthetic or imitation diamonds, only have about 20% of a diamond’s strength and sparkle. These inclusions, allow them to be produced in large quantities at relatively low cost, meaning that these stones can be easily recognized by anyone with even basic diamond knowledge; and as such, not generally considered for jewelry purchases. In addition to being less durable than traditional mined gems due to their inferior cutting quality and inclusion content; many consumers avoid lab-grown stones due to ethical concerns related to animal cruelty.

3) Realistic Expectations

While CVD diamonds are a good choice for those on a budget, they aren’t exactly like normal diamonds—for one thing, they don’t come from mined sources. These factors and others have led some to believe that lab-grown diamonds look fake and can never truly match up to mined stones in terms of quality. These individuals have unrealistic expectations when it comes to these gems. Instead of putting them up against naturally-forming stones, focus on their qualities instead. They’re eco-friendly and affordable—and if that isn’t good enough for you (if you want them to be exactly like traditional ones), consider setting your sights on a yellow diamond instead.

4) Endless Color Options

Love the look of a particular colored diamond but your partner isn’t a fan of its cloudy appearance? One potential solution is to choose a lab-grown diamond, which offers all of these benefits without sacrificing beauty. This means that you and your fiancé can both love her ring and it won’t cost as much! Even better, CVD diamonds also offer dozens of different colors for an incredibly reasonable price, making them truly one-of-a-kind. All lab-grown diamonds are beautiful, said Robert Whitelaw, President of Lab Grown Diamonds Inc., and in our opinion, nothing beats seeing a rainbow colorless CVD diamonds. With more than two decades in business and many years spent studying colorless lab grown diamonds, Whitelaw has seen what sets his company apart from others in their field. Lab Grown Diamonds Inc.

5) Affordable Price Points

One of the biggest benefits of buying a CVD diamonds is that they have a much lower price point than mined diamonds. Being able to get a large, round-cut for under $1,000 is pretty hard to beat! It’s, even more, cost-effective when you buy it as part of an engagement ring (or even a stackable wedding band). All-in-all, you can expect to spend anywhere from 50% to 90% less when buying lab grown diamonds versus mined diamonds. And because lab grown diamonds grow in a controlled environment and don’t require any mining or drilling, there aren’t any negative environmental impacts associated with their production.

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