While reviewing the effect of a common person on the use of social media, you will find various results. After summarizing the results, you will be able to know about the effects of social media on mental health. Since the advancement in technology, most of us now enjoy staying connected on various social media platforms. In simple words, you can say that social media has now become the most important part of our daily life. Undoubtedly, it is also the most powerful communication tool that has changed the way people keep in touch with each other.

Moreover, it is fast and can speedily exchange and share information, thoughts, and ideas across social media platforms. Just like every technology-based tool, social media also have some downsides. Especially the use of social media can negatively affect mental health in several different ways. This short guide will provide you with an understanding of why social media badly affects mental health.

Bad Effects of Social Media on Mental Health:

Depression, anxiety, and feelings of isolation are the most common signs that have been found in people who use too many social media platforms. According to the Common Sense survey held in 2015, teenagers are mostly heavy social media users as they spend more than 9 hours daily. However, most of them are concerned that they spend most of their time browsing social media networks. 

This wave of concern recommends that social networks can badly affect their users’ mental health. The researchers of the 2017 Canadian study confirmed this finding. This research also shows that people who use social media for more than 2 hours daily are considerably more likely to rate their mental health as fair or poor than regular users. 

According to another study, too much use of social media has found the sleeping disorders in the users, including disturbed sleep or delayed sleep. Of course, good mental health requires high-quality sleep, and evidence shows that sleeping disorders also affect mental health like they are suffering from depression and, in some cases, memory loss. Instead of spending time on social networks, you can use that time to develop yourself or exercise to improve your health. There are many discount codes for gym that you can find at Couponupto.com.                             

Social Media is an Addiction:

There are several social media platforms, and most people want to connect with each network. However, too much use of social media could indicate a medical disorder. So, if any of your friends share too much of their private life on social media, they may be suffering from IAD (Internet Addiction Disorder). According to the experts, if anyone plays too many video games or continuously uses any social media platform, they may suffer from IAD.

People Compare Themselves To Others:

From a positive point of view, comparison with others can be motivating, but it can also not be good for mental health. Remember that people are always posting the good things about their life. Many give the highlights that show the wrong image of a perfect life. Your friend is just posting the positive side of their life and not showing the efforts they make to get this position. Moreover, they are also hiding from you the 80-hour workweeks or the fact that they don’t have time to spend with their family to maintain a healthy relationship. The truth is that social media posts give you the perfect view of beauty and appearance. People who post the positive side of their life have pro photographers and makeup, great lighting, and the perfect pose to get the perfect picture to post. They have a good collection of filters to remove all the imperfections from the pictures they want to post.

People become more depressed and Anxious:

According to most studies, too much use of social media can increase feelings of anxiety and depression. One of the biggest reasons behind these types of feelings is the comparison. Online social comparison can lead people to meditate on what they are missing and what could be better in their life. However, rumination is one of the leading characteristics of depression. Moreover, these studies also show that your time on social media is very important to note. 


This short guide contains the effects of social media on the users’ mental health. Most people use social media, which will be helpful to stay connected with their friends on various platforms Of course, it is a good source to connect across great distances and help people find the people we would lose touch with years ago. However, too much use of social media is worse and badly affects your mental health. Instead, try to spend more time exercising to improve your health. If you do not have time to go to the gym regularly, you can buy exercise machines at home with many coupon codes available.

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