Settled on the northern side of Dubai, Sharjah is the heart of the UAE. The bustling city is always brimming with exciting events, art galleries, and seashores that make you feel at ease. What’s more? The community sits right at the foot of significant recreational areas and activity venues that showcase re-owned and under-the-radar adventures. So, whenever you visit the city, ensure that you leave with enough time to explore the city’s stunning surroundings. 

Regardless if you’re seeking apartments for rent in Abu Dhabi or any other Emirati city, the results won’t disappoint you. Being the third-largest city in the country, the lifestyle in Sharjah is laid-back yet easygoing. And the affordable luxury eases our housing appetite. 

Let’s scroll down to acknowledge the best neighbourhoods for families in Sharjah. 

  1. Al Taawun:

The neighbourhood is often prioritised by young professionals who live in Sharjah and work in Dubai. Now you must be wondering how it is even possible. Well, the iconic community relies upon Dubai and Sharjah. So, it allows the occupants to get the best of both the Emirates. Home to different sort’s high-rise towers, the community is pretty much maintained and facilitated. With a dazzling atmosphere accompanied by live concerts, spending a few hours wandering these treasure troves won’t hurt. 

  1. Al Qasimia:

From open-air markets to famous alfresco cafes, there’s a lot to discover along al-Qasimia. Named after the regal family that has ruled over Sharjah since 1600 AD, the area has gathered quite a reputation. The apartments professionally equip the best amenities, including spacious living rooms, car parking facilities, and security provisions. What else do you wish for? 

Tourists and residents visiting Al Qasimia can dig into the yummiest local and foreign cuisines and a minimal shopping session for their families. 

  1. Muwaileh:

The community owns two elevated structures, ranging from three to seven stories. While primarily known for being on the inexpensive side, the area is less competent than others in terms of lifestyle amenities. However, it’s as yet a well-known decision among the families since it dominates the best schools, including the Delta English School and Brilliant International School. Moreover, Muwaileh is spotted with a few super marts and different honour winning cafés. 

  1. Al Majaz:

The beautiful district of Sharjah, Al Majaz, is located along the Buhaira Corniche. Al Majaz is among the most sought-after areas for investors and homemakers alike due to the scenic views overlooking the sapphire-blue waves. It’s calm, peaceful, family-friendly, and whatnot. There’s always something amusing in the neighbourhood with plenty of outdoor activities. Besides the ultra-modern properties, you’ll get easy access to high-tech schools, nurseries, and restaurants.

  1. Al Khan:

Known as one of the prime waterfront areas in Sharjah, Al Khan is undoubtedly a well-organised society in Sharjah. Potential buyers are open to choosing from mid to high-rise luxury apartments in various sizes and types. The neighbourhood is close to Dubai, so you don’t have to stress over the impending vacations because the site has got you covered. With great schools and reputable clinics, it’s indeed the best livelihood you can opt for. 

Ending Thoughts:

While inhabitants and tenants who can’t afford extravagant accommodation, these areas are profoundly liked, and they’re exposed to other treasures. Apart from the affordable rents, they can likewise dive into their children’s regular life necessities, including health, retail, and academic facilities. With that said, they’re less stressed over their educational sustenance. So, if you’re seeking apartments for rent in Sharjah, pondering over the above neighbourhoods is mandatory.  

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