When you want to learn Spanish, there are many things that you need to take into account. For example, what type of Spanish course is best for you? Do you want to study in a group or one-on-one? What city should you choose for your studies? And many more questions! Here we will provide you with a list of questions that will help you decide when looking for a Spanish language school.


What are your goals for learning Spanish? For example, if you want to learn Spanish for work, you will need to look for a course that focuses on business Spanish; an intensive Spanish language program will be a good choice. Alternatively, if you are trying to improve your conversational skills, you should find a more general focus course; a generic Spanish language course will be a better fit in this case.


What is your budget for learning Spanish? There are many different types of courses, with varying price ranges. You need to find a course that fits your budget and your needs. Higher prices do not always mean better quality, so make sure to do your research before deciding.

Level of Proficiency

What is your level of Spanish? It is important to consider when looking for a course. As a beginner, you would like to find a course that is designed for beginners. If you are more advanced, you will want to find a course designed for more advanced learners.


What is the schedule of the course? First, you need to find a course that fits your schedule. Various courses are offered in the evening or on weekends, so you can find one that works with your schedule.

Time frame

Do you have a specific time frame in mind? Knowing the time frame in which you want to complete the course will help you narrow down your options.

Teaching Method

How to learn the Spanish Language? Do you want to study online or in-person? If you are looking for an immersive experience, you should find a course offered in person. The in-person courses will usually be more expensive, but you will be able to learn more. Also, if you are looking for a more flexible option, you should find a course offered online.

Do you want to study in a group or one-on-one? Group courses are usually cheaper, but you will not get the same level of attention as you would in a one-on-one course, where you will benefit from having a personal tutor. On the other hand, the advantage of a group course is that you will be able to interact with other students and practice your Spanish skills. Also, it will be a good indicator of your progress when you compare it with your peers.


How long do you want to study Spanish? If you only want to study for a short amount of time, you can find a course offered for a shorter duration. If you want to study for a longer period, you can find a course that is offered for a longer duration.


What is the location of the course? Where do you want to study Spanish in Mexico, Spain, Argentina, or some other country? Each country has its dialect and culture, so you need to decide which one you want to learn. You should choose a course located in a city that you are comfortable with. Also if you move to another city, you should consider accommodation and other things.


There are many different types of accommodation, from hostels to apartments. You need to find one that is comfortable for you and fits your budget. Also, evaluate the location of the accommodation. For example, it should be close to the school to save time and money on transportation but at the same time should fit in your budget.

Finally, you should also consider the course reviews before you decide to enroll. Read reviews online, or can ask people who have taken the course. In general online reviews can be more reliable since the person writing them is not biased and shares firsthand experiences.

By taking out the time to do research and ask questions, you will be able to find the best course for you.

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