Remember those days? When we used to play, run and jog in one pair of shoes.. Without taking into consideration that shoe might be manufactured for running or jogging purpose. With the gradual advancement and improvement in the sport’s and athletic industry. It has also pushed shoes industry to revolutionized itself from making shoes (which were manufactured taking the sport’s and environmental conditions into consideration) to the shoes which stem after a rigorous research and technology is used in that particular shoe. Moreover, different shoes are now a days being manufactured for different sporting events. And each shoes is different from other on the basis of durability, strength, sole and shape. This blog is specifically being written for those people. Who are not aware of the type of shoes to be worn. During the different sports so in order to make them enlightened let’s start from. 

Football Shoes

Nike, Adidas’s  and puma are the leading companies which manufacture football shoes ,soccer shoes are designs according to the pitch, trough and grass. Normally football shoes come in two category shoe  with studs which can be made of rubber, plastic  and metal. These shoes are basically worn by players when playing on grassy. Field because studs in the bottom of shoe decreases the chance of slipping. Moreover, shoe is cushioned which also decreases the impact of force on the foot while running. Other type of shoe is know as gripper. The grippers are used in rough, sandy or on road surface. Normally,  those people who do skills and tricks with football wear Nike Hypervenom 2 Phantom which also covers  the ankle of player.

Jogging and running shoes 

People might be wondering we can wear same kind of shoes for joining and running. But this is not fair jogging and running need different kinds of shoes. During the running session your foot pound on pavement in order to absorb the shock impact. Shoe is design in such a way that it protects your front and heel both and also obviate from serious injury such as ankle. 

Jogging is all about strolling round the park or garden. Walking shoes are more rigid in the front. So you can roll off your toes. Rather than bend them the way you do. You can also use altra running coupon code while making a purchase of running or jogging shoes.

Cricket shoe

Most of the people might think in cricket batsmen and bowler wear same kind of shoes. However, this is not because batsmen have to run between the wicket. Use saucony coupon code while buying a spike shoes. As players go for the shoes which have spikes in the sole. So that a better grip could be attained with surface.

On the other hand bowlers must wear shoes which could give them a perfect landing on surface. In many cases it has been seen players wearing wrong pair of shoes. That lead him to suffer from injury because  after landing on surface there foot was bend. 

Tennis shoes

Both of the opponent in tennis need to move themselves. Often from right to left and front and back. So taking this thing into consideration shoe. Manufacturers make shoe which could give player support on the inside and outside of your feet. So that there player feel comfortable and flexible while hitting the ball.

Basketball shoes

Basketball is a game of acceleration declaration and jumping. Taking this thing into account a player must expect company to manufacture. Shoe which can be durable, flexibly and give support. As it have cushion to absorb shocks. Last but not least there must must be high – top to support your ankle during quick changes in direction and when you jump and land.


After reading this blog, I might expect that now you got sufficient amount of knowledge in relation to the kind of shoe we should for buy different sporting event. Also try MLS Store coupon code to get some discounts.

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