You might have heard about animation and how it works in favour of companies, helping them gain a competitive advantage in the modern world. Though it may look easy, sometimes it becomes daunting when you have to learn the different programs with the graphic software. The motion graphic maker is a part of animations that enable businesses to attract a larger audience by adding movement to their designs. We all know how videos have become a medium for conveying a company’s message to the audience, so it becomes essential to learn more about it and implement it in their daily lives.

Customers nowadays spend less time reading about new products, services, companies and things related to them. Instead of reading, they prefer watching videos and cutting the time by half. Moreover, the brands have made it an essential part of the marketing strategy. According to a recent study, the first 20 seconds are crucial for the business’s success as information told to the users through a video gets embedded in their minds forever. That is why companies directly brand their core values through a video targeting the message at the start of the video and then beating about the bush.

What are Motion Graphics?

Motion Graphics is a part of the animation in the digital world that creates an illusion of movement in the design that is later combined with audio to convert into a video. These are displayed through electronic media or manually powered technology. Various motion graphic software available now has improved how they work. After 2d and 3d, they have taken the place of the best animations that promotes creativity and efficiency, leading to a well-recognised brand. But often, the question remains the same as to why the online makers are used instead of hiring a company to animate.

Talking about graphics and branding, they both go hand in hand as they can keep the customers engaged with the use of animated characters while creating the much-needed movement that makes the act look real. It leads to users being hooked to the video. Moreover, it has become an integral part of making movies where viewers love to see striking graphics. This help tells powerful stories in the easiest of ways. If you are tired of the old marketing methods and do not see any improvement in the sales, why not try this method and reach a larger market in less time? If yes, then animate the stories or video. It does everything from imparting important information to movies to simply delivering a brand message.

If you want to upgrade the branding game in today’s world, choose the motion graphics that boost sales. There are various reasons a company might think of fusing animation as its core policy. We will be looking at a few of the leading causes or benefits that make enterprises choose such graphics as a strategy in today’s world.

5 Benefits of Motion Graphic Tools

  1. Flexible Tool

Animations or graphics are all about telling a story in the easiest ways, and opting for advanced tools creates powerful stories. Companies can use a variety of tools here to make the video more engaging. Choose a tool or software that can add music, voiceover, visuals and other content, which, when put together, creates a unique piece of content that engages customers and fulfils the desired outcomes. These visual stories use actors, location, costumes, and real experiences to bring the video to life. It helps connect with the audience and positively or negatively affects their emotions depending on their shared story. The graphics are added accordingly, depending on the story told. However, when choosing graphic motion makers, one needs to look at the budget.

  • Easy Comprehension

We have talked about how videos play a crucial role in impacting a person’s brain, and when it comes to customers, it becomes the best way to get remembered. All that a brand needs to do is tell the main information at the start enabling the brain to process the visual information efficiently and quickly. It proves that the things we see are much easier to remember, so why not attract users through visual storytelling? Here the graphics make complex information easy to understand by breaking it into smaller versions. This helps in conveying a simple and clear message.

You may have seen companies using videos for describing processes, abstract concepts, and tutorials. All these are essential information for a company and its customers, so sharing the information in the easiest way becomes important.

  • Use for Repurposing

Another significant benefit that these graphic motion makers come with is the ability to repurpose. Since digitalisation has increased, the brand usually uses social and media platforms to reach out to the targeted audience. They do it by using short videos and disseminating the graphics in different places and ways to extend the life of the marketing campaign. Here the video makers break the videos to create multiple contents and customise for various groups. Many go ahead and even add these graphics to e-books. The time and money spend here to repay the companies in a powerful communication method last for years.

  • More Information in less time

Motion graphics or animations are videos lasting between 30 seconds to 3 minutes which impact conveying the brand’s message instantly. Here a good video increases brand awareness within the first 10 seconds of the video leading the customers to purchase. Here the makers combine the audio and visuals to make the most out of the video as it believes in saying more with less content. Imagine telling the true purpose of marketing or what a company does in just a matter of a few seconds instead of writing 1000 to 200 words explaining the audience. Tradition ads, promo videos, explainer videos, social media videos and culture marketing videos are a few examples of motion graphics.


Animations have been a part of marketing and branding for centuries but how it has evolved from 2d traditional animation to motion graphics is something to talk about. As the world moves ahead, technological advancements tend to increase the development of new methods to convey a brand message or market. It has led to different animation methods that place the business core values, goods and services in the best possible ways in front of the audience. It attracts the users worldwide, keeping them hooked to the videos, which indirectly affects its sales, creating brand loyalty in the future.

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