Speekur is a social network that leverages the power of community to promote independent and alternative voices from mainstream news sources on topics ranging from politics, culture, social issues, technology, and more. We are passionate about enabling people to discuss topics that matter to them in a voice that matters to them because we believe this creates more independent, enlightened thinkers that are ultimately going to make better decisions as citizens of our country and of the world. Here’s why we think Speekur is the best social network for independent voices (and better than Twitter or Facebook).

We are like you

We are independent and alternative. We believe it’s time to stop relying on mainstream platforms that only promote mainstream voices. In order to be effective, we need an environment where we can work together to further our ideals and goals. One of our strongest values at Speekur is listening. We want everyone’s voice to be heard and contributions to be respected—even if you don’t agree with everything we say, or what we do!

Cutting through the white noise

As we speak, billions of dollars are being spent to keep your eyes glued to cable TV and CNN—no matter what may be happening in your life. As Steve Jobs once said, There’s going to be a little intersection between media and technology at some point. We don’t know where it is yet. It could be weird, but it will happen in our lifetimes. Why not spend that time on a site like ours?

Our independence makes us different

When it comes to digital media and independent news, there are more than a few options out there. But we don’t just follow some of them. We publish most of them—without editing or changes. That means that when you post your own work, it stays unedited and unaltered in its original form. If you make a mistake or wish to delete something later on, you have that power and control at all times.

Our approach is different

While social networks currently rely on algorithms to determine which content you see, we believe that real relationships are more important than a bunch of friends who are actually strangers. Our mission at Speekur is to be a platform where people can build meaningful and positive connections with others like them. This means you can post what you want, when you want—without fear of it not being seen or backlash from trolls. It also means making sure our users have complete control over what they share and who they interact with. We are constantly developing unique ways to promote engagement within our network—from video calling (via FaceTime, Skype or other video services) to group messaging—in order to facilitate genuine relationships between like-minded people around any topic imaginable.

No ads, no censorship

The beauty of most social networks is that you can share information and build connections with people from all around the world. The downside, however, is that when it comes to getting a message out there, your posts aren’t treated equally just because they come from different sources. On some sites, major news sources will be featured in News Feeds over personal blogs.

Content not corporations

Tech giants like Facebook and Twitter were founded on principles of openness, transparency, freedom, and connectivity. Over time, those same companies have caved to pressure from Wall Street and become increasingly concentrated around a single voice: advertisers. By only promoting content that generates large numbers of clicks or likes—and does so often—these platforms have limited your ability to discover new voices and new ideas. At Speekur, we know that independent voices need space to grow. That’s why we are committed to providing an equal platform for all users—no matter their size or background.

Speekur Social Network, Keep up to date with news and opinions from independent sources not covered by the mainstream

New features on the way

Over time, we will be adding a number of new features to Speekur that help us to accomplish our mission and promote independent voices. One of these features will be to rank content from most credible and verified sources all available in one place. An additional feature we are working on is a system that allows users to verify their information with a special stamp of credibility. We think it’s important to make sure all sources on our platform can be trusted by our users. These are just two examples of what you can expect from us in terms of new functionality on our platform in coming months, but there are other ideas in play as well.

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