Are you looking to renovate your room near future? You must be looking for some latest bed designs for your bed. A bed design is a fruitful investment for your home; it lets you sleep peacefully at night, improving your productivity. But how to stick to a one design when you have many options to choose from. WoodenStreet is serving the latest bed design collection to choose from for their bedroom. There are various points on which you need to find to make your bedroom design the best buy.

1. The Right Style Of Bed

Selecting the style of your bed needs to match the classy, traditional or modern type of decor of the bedroom. WoodenStreet online sells bed design for each class, so choose what fits the decor type. Bed headboards are available with fabric upholstery or open shelves for storage. If you wish to enhance the utility, then go for a bed design that offers storage on the headboard. But if you want to go gala, then a fabric upholstered bed design will do the job for you. 

2. The Storage Of Your Bed-design

Your bed design should comprise multiple storage options. With time, the collection will grow, resulting in the need for storage. Bed storage is one vital feature of bed design that could quickly solve storage problems. One can find bed designs with headboard storage, box storage, etc. Therefore one has the liberty to choose a bed design that offers you precisely what you need. The bed designs with storage come in three types: 

  • Drawer storage: A drawer storage could be the most functional space to keep that extra stuff for next Diwali. They are pull-out drawers so that one can store essentials without extra effort. One can use every corner of such drawers as they slide out completely.
  • Hydraulic storage: The whole frame can be opened easily with your mattress. That means, no need to remove the bed, pull out the frame with metal holders, keep or take out the stuff and close it quickly. 
  • Box storage: Box storage is the traditional storage with every bed. This type of storage requires extra effort as one needs to remove the mattress to open the storage lid.

3. The Right Material

The modern bed designs available on WoodenStreet are of Sheesham wood, teak wood, engineered wood, metal and cane. You have to choose from it, as per your space requirements. For homeowners, it will be perfect for getting a Sheesham and teak wood bed design. If you are a bachelor and live in a small apartment, get an engineered wood bed design. So, every bed design is essential; find out what is yours.

4. The Type of Bed

To decide on bed design, there are various options to choose from. 

  • Fabric-upholstered bed
  • Adolph bed with storage
  • Ferguson Hydraulic bed
  • Morse Bed with storage
  • Trundle bed
  • Denzel bed without storage
  • Persia beds with side storage

Every bed is helpful in some way for different bedrooms. So, it would help if you found your space requirement and what you want your bedroom personality to be like. The above best bed designs are popular demand of customers, which are affordable too. 

5. Size of your Room

Identifying the room size consistently helps you get, “what kind of room bed design do you want for the space?”. Always select the bed size together so that you don’t fight afterwards. The space should remain to move so that you don’t hurt your legs. As a result, the area turns out to be multi-functional. Try to make it more comfortable by adding furnishing pieces near your bed like rugs and carpets.

6. Remaining Space To Move

After installing a simple bed design, you need to make sure that space is available to move freely in the area. This is a rule that interior designers always follow before installing any furniture in the room. The distance can be enhanced with furnishing pieces such as rugs and carpets. 

From the above, we can conclude that bed designs are not just getting your queen or king-size beds. But, it is more than that; consider the above points along with if you have any that are not mentioned above. Tell us in the comment section. 

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