Constipation occurs when bowel movements are intricate or occur less frequently than usual. A lack of more than three bowel movements each week can be termed as constipation.

· More than 63 million people visit the doctor each year for constipation related problems

Though constipation is quite frequent, some people suffer from chronic Constipation, making it challenging to go about their everyday lives. Chronic Constipation can also cause people to strain highly to have a bowel movement. When a person is suffering from chronic constipation hospital treatment for constipation is required.

How does Constipation happen?
Constipation occurs when the waste in your colon absorbs too much water. It dries out the stool, making it hard to push out of the body because of its consistency.

The partially digested food (waste) travels from the small intestine to the colon, which is the big intestine. The colon gathers water from the waste, resulting in stool, a solid substance. If you experience Constipation, food may move too slowly through your digestive tract. It permits the colon to absorb a lot of water from the waste for a long time. The stool becomes dry, hard, and challenging to push out.

Symptoms of Constipation
Avoiding any problem will not give you solutions, but the Constipation treatment in Chandigarh can help you with that.

Some of the common symptoms of Constipation are as below:

· Bloating in the belly

· Passing less than three stools each week

· Lumpy or hard stool

· Constraints with bowel movements

· The feeling of rectum blockage that prevents bowel movement

· Feel as if you can’t clear your rectum of stool.

· You’re having trouble emptying your rectum and need assistance. like pressing your hands on your abdomen and removing excrement from your rectum with a finger

If you are experiencing two or more of these symptoms in the last three months, you may have chronic constipation. In that case, you are advised to visit an expert Gastroenterologist and take hospital treatment for Constipation.

Causes of Constipation
Constipation arises when waste or stool passes through the digestive tract too sluggishly. It can also happen when stool cannot be satisfactorily evacuated from the rectum, causing the stool to become hard and dry.

· Changes in regular activity or diet

· Not enough water or fiber intake

· Consuming a lot of dairy products

· Sedentary lifestyle

· Controlling the urge to poop

· Stress

· Excessive use of laxatives

· Medications

· Eating disorders

· Diabetes

· Mental health issues

There are specific causes of chronic Constipation

· Blockages in rectum or colon

· Problem with colon or rectum nerves

· Difficulty with muscles helps in bowel moment

· Hormonal imbalance

· Irritable bowel syndrome(IBS)

High-risk Cases
Constipation affects people of all ages regularly. There are also some persons and settings that are more likely to trigger a problem.

· Older adults are less active, have a slower metabolism, and have weaker muscle contraction strength in their digestive tract than younger people.

· Constipation is common in women, especially during pregnancy and after childbirth. The intestines are squished by the baby in the womb, impeding stool flow.

· Hormonal changes in women.

· You are not consuming enough high-fiber meals in your diet. Foods high in fiber help keep food moving through the digestive tract.

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When to visit a doctor?
If you face any of the below problems, immediately visit the constipation hospital in Chandigarh and seek medical assistance.

· Constipation that lasted longer than two weeks

· Blood in stool

· Unexpected weight loss

· Severe pain during bowel moment

· Continuous pain in the lower back or abdomen

· A sudden change of size, shape, and consistency of stool

· Vomiting

· Fever

Depending upon the severity of the problem, the doctor may conduct some tests.

· Blood testing helps to check hormone levels.

· Tests to see how strong your anus muscles are

· Tests demonstrate how waste passes through and out of your colon.

· Colonoscopy is a procedure that examines your colon for blockages.

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Home remedies for Constipation
Constipation can be relieved in a variety of natural methods. These can be done in the privacy of one’s own home, and most of them are backed by science and constipation hospital Chandigarh.

· Drink at least 10–12 glasses of water

· Consume more soluble, non-fermentable fiber

· Exercise regularly

· Take an herbal laxative

· Take probiotic food and supplements

· Take ghee with hot milk at bedtime

· Lemon water and ginger tea

· Drink coffee

· Consume spices such as mulethi, Rhubarb, and fruits like papaya and banana can help.

Constipation is a frequent problem caused by various things, including eating habits, medical issues, and other things.

If possible, use home remedies to treat IBS, such as eating more fibre, drinking more water, and exercising.

A person should consult a doctor and avail hospital treatment for constipation if experiencing severe symptoms or discomfort. Chaudhary hospital is the best hospital for constipation treatment in Chandigarh.

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