Map applications like Google Maps have made it very easy for people to find locations. They just have to turn on navigation by opening the Maps application on their phone and follow the directions to the destination. These applications can facilitate the users by showing them even a street view of the address they want to find.  

However, this feature can also raise privacy concerns. You may not want someone to snoop on your location while you are relaxing to your favorite show on Cox cable deals or Netflix. In this article, you can see different methods to blur your house on the street view of Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Bing Maps.  

Google Maps 

Here are the steps you need to follow for to hide your house on Google Maps: 

1: To hide your house on Google Maps, you have to first find it on the application. When you find its location, the next step is to click on Street View Mode. To do that on your Android phone, click on the two boxes icon. From there, you can set your map location to Satellite View and Street View. 

2: When you find your location, tap on it and some options will appear on your screen. Select the report a problem option. It will take you to a form with views of the street and a red selection box. Put this box on the house you want to blur. You have to select my home option against the question of what you want to blur. Then you just put your email address and press the submit button.  

3: The process is similar on the web version of Google Maps as well. You have to press on the three dots to get the options. The rest of the process is similar. After you press the submit button, the request will be sent to Google to blur the particular location on the map. You may receive an email asking for more information where you can answer their questions and get your location blurred.  

Apple Maps 

Follow the process below to blur your house on Apple Maps:   

1: When you have security concerns and you want to hide your house, it is better to do it on all map applications. For hiding your house on Apple Maps, follow a similar process to what you have to do for finding an address on Google Maps. But instead of Street View, you have to click on the option of Look Around. This option will appear when you pin a location on the map with a thumbnail of look around. Click on it to see if your house is visible.   

2: Also, you can find your house on Apple Maps by tapping the binoculars icon and then searching for the address. The Look Around option does not give you a detailed view as with the case of Street View on Google Maps. So, you can see how it looks, and then decide that it is clear enough that you want to hide it.  

3: Unlike Google Maps, you do not get the option of hiding your location directly from the map. Instead, you have to send an email to It is better to attach images of your house in the email along with other information pointing to your address. Also, you can show them screenshots of the map location with your drawn boundaries on it.  

Bing Maps 

Take the steps below to blur your house location on Bing Maps:  

1: Bing Maps is the least popular of the three map applications in this article. You can open Bing Maps from the web version. Follow the usual steps of finding your address and then click on the StreetSide view. You can access it by clicking on the map view button and changing it from the default “Road” option.  

2: After that, click on the blue line and choose the “Report a problem” option. You will need to fill in a form similar to Google Maps. Again, you have to choose the House option from the drop-down. Submit the form after filling it.  

3: If the view of your house is not clear enough, you may not even need to have it blurred. So, it is always to check on map applications to see how your location appears.  

Important Note 

Once you have submitted a request to have a location blurred, you cannot reverse it. So, even when you may want to share a street view of your house, you cannot view it. Therefore, you may want to give it a thought before sending the request.  

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