Drinking glasses are used for many reasons at home. It is used to serve sweet water, which acts as a welcoming gesture for the guests. Every house consists of various drinking glasses at home. They are usually replaced by new drinking glasses after 4-5 months of the cycle. We typically don’t differentiate between the types of glasses, but today we will discuss the difference between every drinking glass. There are different types of drinking glasses available on the WoodenStreet website.

Transparent Samba Ice Cream Glasses

drinking water glass set

These water glass set are in the shape of a deep bowl that can be used as a dessert bowl. So, whenever you want to have ice creams or any Indian dessert in it, serve it with pleasure. You can get a set of 6 glasses for six servings in it. Also, if you have any concentrated drinks to serve, then you can use them efficiently. It is available in various colours too. So, get one for your crockery unit. 

The best idea for samba ice cream glasses is to have your cookery you tube channel. Then, you can use this set to show your prepared drinks; it will be a good idea.

Transparent Samba Juice Glasses

water glass set

A standard size and shape of drinking water glass set that are used in almost every Indian house. The best thing is, they come in different sizes so you can buy them according to your requirement at home. 

In restaurants and cafes, such glasses are used to serve various beverages. Not every seller uses such mirrors; some use plastic ones too. It all depends on the kind of outlet you have if a big outlet is available with multiple tables to sit for customers. 

If you have to take away outlet is available, then no point in using easily breakable drinking glasses.

Misty Morning Blue Roses Chai Glasses

glass set

The designs of drinking glass sets are unique. The glasses are coloured in blue colour with floral prints. Any soft drinks can be served in it. At WoodenStreet, a set of two is available, but you can get it in more. So, order yours for the coming occasions. 

Like this, there are more sets available in different colours. You will never regret investing in nice chai glasses.

350 ml Transparent Kate Water Glasses

drinking water glass set

Another kind of drinking glass is beer glasses. People used to buy this one for various occasions. Be it your beer, juices, milk or shakes; any beverage can be served. You will find it in a set of 6, so serve your friend various drinks on weekends. 

After you finish your favorite weekend party, you can use it for your birthdays and kitty parties. They will never lack behind in setting an excellent impression in the party that is being organized. 

Cutting Chai in Yellow Hand-painted Metal Stand

juice glass set price

An excellent metal stands with six drinking glasses in which you can serve chai or coffee in a unique style. You must have seen such stands in theme-based restaurants and cafes. They used to keep them on tables and serve chai in them so that it creates some value for the business. 

The best idea to indulge in unique activities for a business to grow is to serve various foods in glasses, like namkeens, biscuits, and chips, along with chai in cups. A metal stand can be used at home too, to serve chai in a unique style to the guests at kitty parties at home.

Hills Juice Glasses

drinking glass

An adorable set of a drinking glass in 6 provides you to serve juices and other drinks. Such mirrors can be used to help soft drinks to your kid’s friends at their birthday parties. Later, in summer, serve homemade chilled beverages to beat the heat. The kids will like to have small cute glasses. 

On weekends have a beer and other alcoholic drinks, call your friends and enjoy the day. Drinking glass has multiple uses for different occasions. So, get yours set and enjoy your drinks with your loved ones.  

So, here are the various designs available in the drinking glasses set. Now, from the above popular demands, get yours for your home. And look for more options on websites online. 

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