Good weather is pressing and summer is just around the corner. We advise you to exercise daily to gain body ten. There are many types of people, but if you are one of those people who are struggling to go for a run or spend several hours in the gym, we want you to open your eyes to new horizons with Lifeguard Training.

Swimming exercise is a moderate to intense activity depending on the exercise. Help burn calories and control your weight effortlessly . It is one of the most complete exercises to exist. Strengthen the muscles on both upper, lower and abs.

Like any sport, any physical activity must be done in a controlled manner and if it is a sport it is in permanent contact with water and one is not an expert in the field. You have to take many values ​​into account.
To get the most benefits of a small kit you need to swim . Some are basic for learning and training and others for your safety. It is important to be aware of the potential you have in the water. How do you hold and float. Unless depth meters are known, it is not necessary to head to the pool and all signs should be respected along with the pool area during digestion.

Before setting out on physical activity we set goals and objectives that we would like to achieve. If you feel good in them, lose weight and tone your body, swimming should be your next sport.

There are many exercises within this discipline, next we will analyze each one and see what their benefits are and what parts of the body they style.

Freestyle or crawl

Freestyle is fast, moves are very agile. This style will tone the abs, glutes, shoulders and back . For your abs to work well you need to keep your heart fixed to your core and your torso straight.

Butterfly Style

Butterfly style tones muscles ABS, chest , arms both biceps in . Triceps and back . The butterfly movement combines a dolphin kick and the simultaneous movement of the arms creates a wide shot. Used to support the torso while lifting water over the air to breathe the stomach.


The bra style is very popular with the crawl style because of its ease of learning and its ease of exercise. The bra is also known as breaststroke because of its slower style , and the recovery of frog-shaped legs is slower than the rest. The bra is divided into 50% of the strength of the legs and arms, our energy dwelling on that energy.

Fewer calories

Swimming around can burn for about an hour 500 calories for 72kg adults, 630kg for adults 90 calories and 760kg for adults 108 calories.

In the freestyle they burn around 10 calories per 100 minutes and the butterfly 10 calories per 150 minutes. The rule of thumb is simple: The longer you try each style of water, the more calories you burn.

Benefits of swimming

Swimming is mainly aerobic sport, so it has a lower risk of serious injury . Aerobic exercises are highly beneficial to our health. At least three hours of aerobic exercise a week can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes and some forms of cancer.

Swimming regulates energy levels, mood and sleep quality . Being in the pool and sporting it provides exercise without affecting the bones and joints.

In recent years, many practices have been addressed within swimming, including exercises for people suffering from spinal deformities: hypercephosis, scoliosis, herniated disc , and so on. It benefits all those suffering from cardiovascular diseases such as arthritis, osteoarthritis and obesity.

El Aqua-Gym has been charged in many swimming pools. A fun activity that is done in a group and provides both physical and mental benefits.

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