Shimla is one of the country’s most favorite and crowded tourist sites. This wonderful area is always bustling with people, especially during the summer months. Everyone goes on a little trip to Shimla for their vacations. If you also want to go to Shimla but you have money issues, you can go for a personal loan for travel to Shimla accompanied with best personal loan interest rate

It’s a famous tourist attraction because of its Victorian architecture, which can be seen in parts of the Ridge and the Mall. This hill is at a height of 2200 meters above sea level. Shimla is covered by snowy peaks and greenery all over.


Kufri is well-known for its beautiful surroundings and scenic views. Another referral for Kufri is “Switzerland of the East”. You can have fun with a variety of adventure activities such as trekking and skiing. While in Shimla, you will thoroughly enjoy these activities. Kufri’s main draw is its snow-covered hills, where skiers may enjoy their sport.

Jakhoo Hill

Jakhoo Hill is the highest peak of this hill station. It has a lot of stunning Alpine trees. The hilltop is flat, with a recently constructed Hanuman statue and the colorful Jakhoo Temple on top. You should be careful of the many monkeys present in Jakhoo hills, which often snatch the tourist’s food. 

Kiala forest

The Kiala Forest is one of Shimla’s best forests. It is located in the Kotkhai Valley and is surrounded by lush greenery and a diverse range of indigenous animal species. Every year, the forest welcomes a large number of visitors from near and far.

Summer Hills

Summer Hills is a lovely hamlet that is approximately 5 kilometers from Shimla’s famed Ridge. It is one of the top tourist destinations in Shimla because of its beautiful natural vistas amidst lush foliage of Pine, Oak, and Deodar trees, as well as a spectacular view of the magical dawn or sunset. Trekking, skydiving, nature walks, and other adventure activities are all popular here. The location is a photographer’s paradise for those looking to capture the natural splendor’s hues of color.

Shimla State Museum 

The Shimla State Museum, which is located on Mount Pleasant, is one of the many attractive destinations to visit in Shimla throughout the year. A visit to this location is well worth it because of the expansive lawns and wonderful British architecture. The museum, opened to the public in 1974, includes historical relics, paintings, sculptures, and handicrafts highlighting the state’s great past, rich culture, and heritage. 

Kali Bari Temple

This temple, which was built in 1845, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area, with visitors flocking to the site to marvel at its pure beauty as well as its culturally rich architecture. The temple is devoted to Goddess Kali. Make it a point to visit the spot while in Shimla to see a lovely journey. Tourists are drawn to the location because of the natural beauty that can be seen up close from here. This temple is a haven for individuals seeking tranquility and a wonderful spot to spend some time alone.

The Bottom Line

There are numerous combinations you can attempt or choose from among Shimla’s greatest attractions to construct your own personalized itinerary. Check out our Shimla local sightseeing excursions by private cab, which are a terrific way to visit the highlights in this beautiful hill station. Do not get sad in case of insufficient funds. Take an instant personal loan and plan your next trip to Shimla. 

Discover the various hues of this magnificent and all-time favorite honeymoon spot, holidaymakers paradise, and explorers cove to arouse your wanderlust.

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