Have you heard your auto repair shop customers complaining about being upsold? This is the most frustrating point of communicating with the customers. You do not understand whether a price breakdown of the total bill would help satisfy the customer or do you have to identify some other magical option. You can not deal with all customers separately for this purpose. But if you use free auto repair estimate software, you can create transparency for all customers on a single platform. 

This will result in your garage getting zero complaints in this matter. MAGICAL!

You have to be at full service for your customers. They love honesty and transparency. With the car repair estimate software, you can increase customer retention rate. You can successfully form long-term valuable customers. 

Your customers are more inclined towards digital yet easy options. If they can find convenience and technology together, VOILA! They are not going anywhere. Moreover, they won’t hesitate in paying you what you’re demanding. It’s all about giving and taking!

You give them the product/service that they demand. In return, they pay you what you demand!

Let auto repair shop software be your savior! Use it in your garage and build loyal clients in a short period!

Importance of Creating Estimates for Your Customers

Your customers want to trust you. All you need to do is give them a chance where they can show your trust in you. You can do this by selling your car repairing services efficiently. You don’t have to force your services on your customers. Instead, take it slow.

Give suggestions and recommendations to your customers about what parts need instant repairing and what parts can they postpone until next time. 

For instance, you have a client Zoe, who comes to you every time her car breaks down. She is not much aware of the technical car features so has no option but to consult you.

You can easily upsell her at this point. BUT! Try to gain her trust first by sending her pictures of the damaged parts so that she understands the problem in a better way. You can guide her about the current state of her car and give her suggestions and estimates. 

There is a 90% chance that she will trust you with her car. Afterall she knows that you are brilliant at your job. Hence, you will get the approval of estimates. Profit is in the making!

Combining the Elements into an Accurate Single Estimate 

You can combine the various elements into a single full-fledged estimate for customers. This is how your customers will have a clear understanding of what they are being charged for.

You mention the part charges, inspection charges, per hour labor charges etc. You can guide your clients with the repair time guides. It creates transparency for them as they know that they will not be overcharged in any case. The auto repair estimator software is guarding them strongly! 

Create Transparent Quotes for your Customers

Your customers do not have much time to wait at your garage and get their cars fixed. They have other important tasks on the list. If you use an auto repair estimating system, you can create transparent quotes for them and share them digitally. 

This way, your customers do not have to wait all day long in the garage to get estimates, make approvals and get the repair done. As soon as you are done with the DVI, you create an estimate and send it to the customer using a link via email and SMS for fast approval

You give customers an understanding and idea of the final invoice! Your customer gets the cash ready for final payment! No delays! Yipeeeee!

You can create the estimates into work orders and later into invoices. The software does it all for you. It not only saves your time but cost as well. You do not have to perform any double manual calculations. 

There is no risk of double entries, and you do not have to dig into the mountain of paperwork to find the estimates of a particular repair order. You just have to enter the customer name or number, vehicle number, etc. The entire relevant data pops in front of you! Talk about convenience!

Valuable Communication with Customers

I asked a few garage owners about their experience with customers. They seemed quite frustrated! Do you feel the same about your customers? 

They told me that their customers often create a mess when it comes to invoicing. They either complain about them feeling they are overcharged or refuse to make payments for a part repair as they claim that they did not approve one. 

If you use auto repair estimating software, you have clear proof of what estimates your customer has approved. It is all visible in the software. The chats! The approvals! Everything! 

You and your customer both can not leave the court!

If your customer approves the estimate, be it by mistake or intentionally, it’s on them! They have to face the repercussions in any case!

It removes the communication gaps between your customers! Say no to uncertainties!

Your customer can communicate any particular details and requirements in the technician’s chatbox. Nothing is better than one-on-one dealing!

Summing it Up

Auto repair estimate software is no less than magic! If you use it in your garage, you’ll see guaranteed rising productivity and profitability levels. You’ll make your employees and customers both happy!

It is a system integrated with invoicing and digital vehicle inspections. 

The software eases out activities in your garage. It is time for you to move away from the hassles of manual estimating procedures and opt for a digital solution. Customers love digital elements of the business!

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