Royal Wooden Sofa types that will make your home royal

Sofas are impeccable home decor accessories that decide the look of your home. Royal Sofa is what makes a home look royal. If your home looks uninteresting and dull, make it look exciting by installing the right sofa that fits your home. Now how to decide which type of sofa will be perfect for your home? Don’t worry that’s all that we are gonna talk about in this complete article. 

Our home is like a plain sheet, whatever we do it’s completely upon us. It’s in our hands either to destroy it or make it a masterpiece. Everyone wants a unique home, one that is completely different from others, and that makes you feel admired in front of your guests. Your home is what makes you stand out from others, therefore, design it with perfection and decorate it with ethnicity. 

If we’re talking about ethnic home decor, then we cannot disrespect royal sofas by simply ignoring them. Sofas play a very major role in home decoration. It is the first thing that everyone notices once entered your home. The sofa is the thing where the guests are seated and treated. Decorating your hall with the right sofa is what you should prioritize. A sofa is the basic interior decor that every home demands, but just do not install it simply. There’s a lot of work you have to do in the backend before installing it. So, let’s dive in on how to and what kind of sofa you should install in your home. 

After a long, exhausting day, nothing beats collapsing into the cosines of your luxurious sofa. However, it takes a lot of time, planning, and talent to transform a standard sofa set into the handmade wooden sofa of your dreams. A standard sofa is what you have to avoid in order to make your home look luxurious. When you search on google best wooden sofa, you’ll see a variety of wooden sofas that you might like, but here is where everyone commits a huge mistake and you should avoid it. A Standard or simple wooden sofa does not make your home look perfect, instead of royal or hand-carved sofas do that work for you. When we buy any wooden furniture item we do not ask what wood is it made of. If you wanna make your home look royal install Teak wood furniture in it. Thus, the first secret to making your home luxurious is installing a Royal Teak wood sofa in it. Teak is one of the most used woods for furniture manufacturing in India. It is strong, durable, and has a very high density which is perfect for carving. Now in the teak wood sofa, there are varieties of sofas that you can install in your home. In the following section, we will talk about those Royal Teak wood sofas that you can install in your home. 

Royal Wooden Sofas to install in your home to make it look luxurious

  1. Wooden Teak wood Sofa:- This is the first type of sofa that you can install in your home. Teak wood is one of the best wood used for furniture manufacturing. It is a bit costly but it gives a very royal look to your home. Teak wood is the most common type of wood when it comes to royal hand-carved furniture making. Standard sofas are made out of local wood like mango wood, pine wood, rosewood, etc. But to make contemporary furniture royal wood is being used like Teak wood or Sheesham wood. Teak wood is something that will last for a long time if used with proper care. Sheesham wood is also a good competitor of Teak wood but only when it comes to price because Sheesham wood is way lot cheaper than Teak wood. But the premium feels that Teak wood gives cannot be generated by the Sheesham wood sofa. Thus, if you wanna make your home look royal go for a teak wood sofa. Simply type on google Teak wood sofas for home, and you’ll get the idea of what a Teak wood sofa looks like. As you will keep reading this article, you will get more royal ideas for decorating your home in a royal way. Now let’s move on to another royal type of wooden sofa.

  2. Teak wood Hand-carved Sofa:- The previous point was on simple Teak wood furniture, but in this point, we will talk about Hand-carved Teak wood furniture. Now, most of you might wonder what is Hand-carved Teak wood sofa and what it looks like? A wooden sofa made of Teak wood and with carving work is called the Royal Hand-carved Teak wood Sofa. Now, what is carving? Carving is the art of decorating wooden furniture by making unique sculptures and designs on the wood. Carving gives a very royal look to your home furniture. Since the sofa is one of the most important things in your home therefore it should be perfect. Make your home luxurious by installing royal Teak wood hand-carved sofa in your home. To see some examples, surf on google by typing Hand-carved Teak wood Sofa.

  3. Hand-carved White Metal Coated Teak wood Sofa:- One more way of making your home look royal is by installing a White Metal Coated Hand-carved Teak wood Sofa. This type of sofa is made by a unique process. The first step is to carve out a solid piece of Teak wood in the shape of a sofa. Then, make it look unique by carving various sculptures or patterns on it. Then, it is coated with original white metal. It is a kind of metal white in color. The alternative name for white metal is German silver. It is being used as a replacement for Silver as it gives the same look like silver. Wondering how does a white metal-coated sofa look like? Just type on google wooden teak wood white metal coated hand-carved sofa. After the metalling work is done, unique Kantrai work is being performed over it. And finally, it is given an antique finish. White Metal coated furniture gives a very royal look to your home. So, make your home look royal by installing a luxurious white metal-coated sofa in your home.

  4. Hand-carved Brass Coated Teak wood Sofa:- Brass is one of the most unique metals that you can install in your home. Brass-coated furniture gives a very traditional look to your home. It was mostly used in ancient times, the palaces of huge kings were decorated with some brass furniture, brass is one of the best metals for you to install in your home. It gives a very royal look to your interior space. The process of coating brass is the same as coating white metal. Teak wood furniture coated with brass is the best combination that a royal home prefers. When brass is given an antique finish it glorifies its beauty by making your home glow more with royalty and luxury. For images, type on google brass coated Teak wood furniture.

  5. Hand-carved White Metal & Brass Coated Teak wood Furniture:- One of the best ways of making your home royal, the mixture of White Metal and Brass is just unmatchable. White Metal and Brass make your home look luxurious. It looks like the furniture is coated with Gold and Silver. This is my favorite type of wooden furniture. The coating process is the same as white metal and brass but gives a very luxurious look. You will also be in love with this kinda furniture. The vibe it produces is just perfect. Wanna make your home luxurious? Install this type of furniture made of original teak wood and fully hand-carved. For images please search on google.

  6. Hand-carved Teak wood Silver Coated Furniture:- Silver is one of the most luxurious metals. In ancient times, the huge kings used to decorate their huge palaces with royal silver furniture. Their beds, dining tables, etc were all made of original Teak wood, fully hand-carved, and coated with pure either Silver or Gold. If you really want to make your home luxurious, install a silver-coated sofa in it. The process of coating silver is very difficult. It takes a lot of time and skills to coat silver on furniture. It involves the heating process and all. If you wanna install a silver sofa in your home, make it customized. Do not buy readymade silver-coated sofas as you will not get how much silver is coated on them. If you’re buying a silver-coated sofa, buy very carefully, as there are a lot of cheaters out there in the market. Wanna see some images? Just go on google and type Silver coated furniture. 

So, next time install a wooden sofa in your home, install the one that lies in the above category. A sofa is the pride of every home, therefore, it should be perfect. Buy sofas very carefully and after having proper research on what you’re buying. Do not simply buy whatever you like. Buy something that lasts for a lifetime.

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