Have you ever tried zooming in on Instagram profile pictures? Well, it does not work at all in fact it does not perform any picture when you click on the profile pictures like the other social media platforms. In order to enlarge the profile pictures, you need to crack the code that cannot be done by any common man so you need some tools or applications to make the process easier and for that, we are bringing the Insta Zoom app for your service that will not only enlarge the profile pictures but it will also help to display it in the perfect possible form.

What Is Instazoom?

Instagram Profilbild Zoom is an online tool that helps people to view enlarged profile pictures that were not possible with the normal application. It uses Instagram API combined with AI-powered pixel processing to produce fine-quality profile pictures in enlarged form and perfect resolution. Normally, Instagram does not allow any user to view profile pictures due to privacy and many other reasons as well.

So, it becomes completely impossible for the other person to know that the following request sitting in his profile is from a genuine person or fake, and most of the time people are seen requesting Instagram to enable the option of zooming in on profile pictures.

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How to use Instazoom to enlarge and download profile pictures?

You can enlarge the profile picture from Instazoom using these basic steps:

Step 1: To enlarge any person’s profile picture, you need to open your Instagram account and search for the person you are looking for. Once you find the profile, copy their username to the clipboard

Step 2: Got to the Insta Zoom website from your default browser and click on the first link that appears on the search page

Step 3: Paste the username or the URL in the search box provided and hit the ‘Zoom’ button. After that select “Enlarge Profile pictures”

Step 4: Wait for the results that will be displayed in a few seconds. The displayed results will feature a clear photo in HD format that can even be downloaded using the button

Step 5: The bonus is that you can also zoom in on the profile pictures and can watch it in better detail if you want a SS of their dress or shoes for buying it later

How to download an enlarged profile picture from Instazoom?

Once you have the results and you are not satisfied with it being only on your desktop, you can also download it, as explained earlier, but how to download it will be your next question so here is the answer in a few basic steps that can be easily understood by anyone:

  • Get the results of an enlarged profile pictures using Insta Zoom.
  • Click on the download button being displayed on the screen.
  • It will open a pop-up asking you to enter the location where you want to save the picture.
  • Choose the desired location wherever you want to save it and hit enter.
  • Once you are done, a picture will be downloaded in your located folder in the JPEG format that can also be viewed when you are not connected to the internet.

Why I am unable to save the profile pictures

The reason you can not save the profile pictures is either your system is hacked/corrupt or you don’t have enough space in the device. To mitigate that, you need to clear some of the junk from your phone and start by clearing caches that take up a lot of unnecessary space in your phone which is not even required. You can also extend the memory by using an SDCard that comes with every smartphone. The virus bit can be tackled by installing an anti-virus program and running it through your computer system so that it can erase all the bugs and spam from the folders.

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Instazoom is introduced to make your life easier and to help you get out of the unusual hassle that takes a lot of effort and results in nothing. Use InstaZoom to enlarge the profile pictures and recommend it to your friends and acquittances so they can also reap the benefits from it.

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