In real life, detective agencies are not similar to what you have watched in television and comics. While private detectives agencies are not legal in India, they are doing well, no matter even if it’s a personal investigation or corporate investigation. In India there are investigation agencies in every major city. Some of them have been working here for more than two decades. 

Earlier, people were not much aware of private detectives till 2007-2008. After that agencies began to promote their services through newspapers and internet and everyone started getting to know their services. Today you just have to google “detective” and you may come up with more than thousands of detective agencies in India.

So, how do Detective Agencies Help in Personal Investigations? In this world that is technology wired, things are very easy and somewhere dangerous too. Detective agencies provide a host of services:

Pre Matrimonial Investigation: If you are getting married no matter if it’s arranged marriage or love marriage, it’s better to check the credentials of your partner-to-be. It is very clear to say that marriage is risky if you know nothing about their character, habits, financial reputation and the reputation of the family as well. 

Post Matrimonial Investigation: You didn’t opt for Pre Matrimonial services before marriage? And now you may be facing problems from your marriage. You sense changes in your partner’s behaviour and you find out that everything they said before marriage was a lie. Hence appointing a private investigator from a detective agency in Bangalore can unearth the truth and give you a clear picture so you can make the right decision for your future.

Divorce Cases: The most common reasons for divorce are lack of commitment, infidelity and argument/conflict. A divorce happens when a husband or wife don’t want to live together anymore and want to separate. In court they want to win the case and to win the case they need strong evidence of infidelity or something like that through documents or photos, videos. Detective agencies with their expertise can help you gather these evidences.

Loyalty test: Detective agencies can even check the loyalty of someone. To be  faithful to your partner, to your work and to your family. Private Investigators can test loyalty through physical surveillance and honey traps. Professional investigators including Lady Investigators work very hard to get the evidences here.

The uses of a private investigator

Actually, private investigators are professionals too who are good at finding information and can use it to assist people who need more information about a person or a business. They are professionals who act within the confines of the law to collect the information needed, but they are good at a variety of tasks. Among other things, they can start the hunt for birth parents, check the security of a business for the owner, look for a missing person, or find out if a spouse is cheating. 

Private Investigators cannot arrest a Person

Usually, a private investigator is not able to arrest anyone, even though they have witnessed them committing a crime. He can however, document the crime taking place, as long as they don’t break any laws to do so and can contact the police to let them know about the crime. The person then can be arrested, but the private investigator, not being a police officer would not be the one arresting them. 

Private investigators can gather evidence for the police

Private investigators in Delhi are pros at gathering evidence when they’re conducting surveillance. While they are gathering evidence, if they do find that a crime has taken place, they can contact the police department to alert them to the crime. They are allowed to document as much as possible on the crime while waiting for the police to arrive. When the police arrive, the private investigator can then hand over any evidence they might have to the police who arrive at the scene. The information attained by the private investigator be used against the arrested person in court to secure a conviction. While all evidence that is handed over to law enforcement needs to be gained legally, private investigators have many ways to gather evidence before speaking with the police about a crime. 

While it is true that private detective in Hyderabad can go anywhere that is public, they are not allowed to trespass. If they do not have permission to enter, they cannot enter a property, house or building. With the permission of the owner of a home, they may enter the home to look for information that is needed. But they cannot do the following things: they cannot break into a home, they cannot pick locks to gain entry, and they cannot use force to enter any property.

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