FBX weight loss pill is among the products of the Obesity Research Institute which has been having problems because of their dubious and totally untrue claims. When you visit the official website of Zylotrim, you’ll notice that they do not give any information regarding the product. The only fact they talk about on their site is that the product contains the ingredient called the South American or Latin American wild Yam.

The fact they claim regarding the wild yam makes the customers believe that this ingredient that can render weight loss results. This will imply that we shouldn’t buy Zylotrim because it is expensive that costs $50 per month wherein you need to take 4 pills per day. We simply need to buy a pound of wild yam at the local groceries that only cost $2 which is certainly cheaper than Keto Fbx Fat Burner. Plus, it is safe and convenient to the customer as well.

The advantage of using Zylotrim is the fact that it is said to have 7-Keto which is a metabolic product of DHEA. DHEA is actually a naturally occurring substance found in both men and women that is safe to take. This implies that there will be no metabolic conversion that will take place that may product a harmful chemical compound once digested. Zylotrim also causes an increase or stimulation effect on the thyroid gland which helps overweight individuals to lose weight plus helps in regulating their metabolism. It likewise doesn’t affect any hormone product of the body unlike other weight loss pills or medications.

To be fair, we’d also like to present the disadvantages of using this product. First is not mentioning the information about the complete ingredients of the product other than the wild yam. This makes other customers think twice whether to buy the product or not. This ingredient does not even qualify as a miracle ingredient and there are no clinical trials that can prove or support the efficiency of the product. Furthermore, the product is quire expensive compared with other weight loss products in the market today.

Generally speaking, the intentions of making this product are good but the manufacturer behind this product makes people think twice regarding buying the product. Plus, the overpricing of the product which lacks in clinical studies. This is certainly why it is encouraged to try other weight loss pills before taking Zylotrim.

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