Flags and flagpoles can show how much we love our country. Let’s salute the people who make them. 

Did you know there is a whole cottage industry in the United States centered on flagpoles? That is how serious people are about their patriotism. There are flags everywhere in America, whether it’s down at the football stadium, in front of your kid’s school, or in your front yard. In all those cases, they need to be held up by a quality flagpole. There are many companies who can provide a decent flagpole along with other items. However, there are a select few that specialize in manufacturing flagpoles and flagpole accessories. Below is some more information about this seldom talked about industry?

Did you know that there is a difference between residential and commercial flagpoles? It’s true, like most products separated into these categories; the commercial items tend to be more rugged and are intended to hold bigger flags and more of them. A residential flagpole will top out around thirty or thirty-five feet. If you are looking for commercial, then 30 ft flag poles is pretty much the starting off point. While there are shorter versions available, most commercial entities tend to feel that bigger is better when it comes to flagpoles.

There is also a legal component when it comes to residential flagpoles. Most towns and cities across America have some kind of regulation on the books about what you can and can’t do in your yard. Many of those include height regulations. Generally,30 ft. flag poles are as tall as many home patriots can go. Commercial or government entities often have different zoning around their buildings. Also, many places like government buildings or sports arenas need bigger poles for more flags. 

Bespoke flagpole manufacturers understand these different needs more than anyone else. That is why they offer a surprisingly wide range of poles and hardware. There are three main raw materials that a flagpole could be made from: wood, fiberglass, and steel. Fiberglass and steel flag poles are the most common now, especially for the taller models. As it becomes less and less viable, wood is falling out of favor. These poles can also be in one solid piece, or they can be a collapsible or telescoping variety. As you might imagine, the one-piece poles are more expensive to ship and install and are more common in the commercial sector. Homeowners love the telescoping varieties because they can comply with their local laws by simply adjusting a few knobs.  The great American flagpole manufacturer can be anyone but, some of them are veterans of the military. They have a special understanding of what the American flag means. They understand that to be the best flag and flagpole manufacturer, you must have a deep respect for your country’s banner. It doesn’t matter if they’re fiberglass or steel flag poles, as long as they keep Old Glory flying high and proud.

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