Many of us want to remain slim and fit without that extra flab. If you plan a diet for losing weight, Glutaminecan work like magic and give you surprising results. You need to know the healthy ways of losing weight without possessing any health issues. This supplement is a safe and effective drug that can help in shedding your extra pounds.

What is Glutamine?

Glutamine is an amino acid that helps in building the blocks of protein. Your body requires protein for every movement you perform every day. The protein synthesis process can affect the waist size and help lose calories. Metabolic regulation can help you to become lean. Your skeletal muscles can help in producing huge amounts of amino acids. Therefore you might plan to consume glutamine to shed weight. 

Safe Supplement?

Your body can produce the amino acid glutamine naturally. It can be considered a safe supplement. Studies have shown that glutamine supplements have healthy and positive effects on your body. One of the surveys was also done on little kids to check their safety. The glutamine acted like magic to the kids, also.

Does It Work For Weight Loss?

If you are planning to lose weight, you should seek advice from the practitioner before you start taking a glutamine supplement. Surveys were done on a group of women versus women not taking glutamines. The women taking glutamines lost more weight than the women without them. After four weeks, when the groups reverted to the normal diet without any supplements, the group who used glutamine stayed slim and maintained their weight. But the other group quickly gained weight.

Other evidence can prove that glutamines can work wonders for losing weight. There lies a direct connection between obesity and gut bacterial composition. So, the obese women who have added glutamine for 2 weeks in their diet, have noticed a remarkable change in their weight. After 14 days, the gut bacteria level can be decreased, and the gut bugs can be used as biomarkers for flabbiness. With the other weight loss programs, the result remains consistent.

Even during the holidays, when you cannot maintain a healthy diet, glutamines can save you in maintaining weight.

How Much Is The Appropriate Amount Of Glutamine?

The Glutamine supplements can be used in capsule or powder form. The glutamine powder is reasonable but always depends on the dosage you are taking. Twenty grams of powder is safe and effective for daily doses. You can take a maximum of 50-60 grams, but you should always check with your doctor about the correct dosage and safest option.

Though most brands sell unflavored glutamine powder, some companies have started with flavors like Lime or Berry Citrus. The powder completely dissolves into the water and can be added to the smoothies without changing their flavor. The unflavored powder tastes slightly sweet or neutral.

As different brands come with different doses, you should check the containers’ servings and doses.

Important Things to Know Before You Try Glutamine for Weight Loss

As glutamines help rebuild cell tissues and maintain muscle masses, they can be used on sick patients. A daily dose of up to 50 -60 gms of glutamine is not risky, but you should always consult your practitioner when you are not sure of the dosage.

The supplement can decrease hunger cravings and therefore help in weight loss. Those who have increasing meal sizes can decrease them by consuming glutamine supplements. However, when you have chronic diseases like cancer, you must talk to your doctor before taking the glutamine supplements.

How Can You Use It?

You can take glutamine for weight loss after a workout. The level of glutamine remains at its lowest post-workout. So, when you take the supplement, you are filling the nutritional gap. The pills of glutamine are more expensive than glutamine powder. You can dissolve 3 to 6 grams of glutamine powder with water and can consume it within 60 minutes after the workout.

When you exceed your daily intake above 20 grams, severe side effects cannot be observed. But a slight gastrointestinal problem like diarrhea can occur in some persons. You should never mix the powder with hot water, as heat can destroy the power of glutamine. It is always advisable to dissolve the powder with water at room temperature.


When you are planning for weight loss and going on a diet, you should consider glutamine supplements within your diet. If taken with the correct dosage as advised by your doctor, there remain no side effects. In addition, as the glutamine powder is affordable instead of the capsules, you can take the post-workout with the right dosage.

Also, proper exercise and avoiding fat and oil-rich food can be considered for weight loss.

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