If you want to compete with larger online operations, it makes sense to hire a specialized PPC management service in the USA. These companies have extensive expertise in the area and connections to existing advertising platforms. Hiring a PPC management service allows even small operations to compete with large ones. Read on to find out how. In the end, it will save you time and money. Here are the advantages of hiring a PPC management service in the USA.

Costs of hiring a PPC management agency

Hiring a PPC management agency in USA may be cheaper than hiring an employee. However, it’s not as cheap as hiring a contractor. Hiring a person will require a set salary and benefits, as well as initial setup expenses. Plus, the employee’s salary and benefits will also require you to cover health insurance and unemployment insurance. These are both expenses you’ll want to avoid.

Paying an hourly rate is another option. Some individuals or contractors bill by the hour, so the fees can be high. An average US-based agency bills for 150 to 200 hours per month, while an overseas agency charges less than half that amount. Be prepared for language barriers and odd phone hours, though. Also, make sure you are comfortable paying an hourly rate and can track the results. You should also have a budget for potential changes to your strategy.

Characteristics of a good PPC management agency

One of the most important things to look for in a PPC management agency is their ability to achieve good results. While many e-commerce companies start with Google Ads, other businesses may find that other platforms can deliver more consistent results. Google also offers Display and YouTube advertising, so a good PPC agency will know how to utilize them. A good PPC management agency will know how to target a particular audience and how to make sure that the content is high-quality and engaging.

A good PPC management agency will create keyword campaigns that are relevant to your business and target audience. Keywords are grouped into ad groups based on their competitiveness and monthly search volume. PPC managers are also tasked with choosing the best keywords and creating campaigns that target these groups. Without the right keywords, however, you will only receive clicks instead of sign-ups.

Costs of hiring a dedicated PPC team

While the costs of hiring a PPC management company are lower than the costs of implementing an in-house team, in-house employees come with their own overhead expenses and set salaries. Additionally, they must purchase the necessary tools and pay employee benefits. By hiring a dedicated team, you can eliminate most of these costs and pay only for their expertise. The company you hire will manage your PPC campaigns as if they were in-house employees.

Agencies tend to charge more, but they are more honest than in-house employees. A PPC manager in an agency makes an average $48,233 a year, which is about half the salary of a full-time employee. Hiring a senior in-house team is not financially feasible if you do not need the expertise and experience of multiple PPC specialists. As such, you need a team of two to three specialists to handle your PPC needs.

Cost of hiring a dedicated PPC account manager

There are some benefits of outsourcing PPC management. First, you avoid the hassle of hiring an in-house employee. Outsourced PPC managers have experience and are equipped with top-notch customer service. You also eliminate the hassle of recruiting, training, and paying an in-house employee’s salary and health insurance. The price for hiring a dedicated PPC account manager in the USA depends on the size of your company and the number of specialists you need.

If you have a small monthly budget, working with an agency is probably not a good idea. Even though they may be honest, they are unable to dedicate the time and effort required for successful results. A dedicated PPC account manager in the USA makes around $4,019 per month, which is significantly less than the $48,000 yearly salary for a PPC manager at a typical agency.

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