This article is majorly concerned with temporary labor, industries in which temporary laborers work, and the details about temporary construction workers. The article is divided into mainly two sections, and it consists of various sub-heads.

Temporary labor

Temporary labor refers to the employment that is done for a specific period of time. This means the workers are employed only for a pre-timed period, and after the work is done, the worker is no longer an employee.

Temporary labor can be of two kinds. The first is where the workers are hired for a project that has a pre-planned structure. In this, they usually get a project like the construction of a roof. Here the laborers are working on a project for a specific period, and they might get the compensation in a lump sum, or they may have a daily wage system. Seasonal workers also come into this category.

The second one is when the labor is hired for a work of a day or two. These works are usually based on unforeseen circumstances such as leakage of a water pipe. Here, the plumber will most likely be compensated in a lump sum. However, if the work stretches to 2-3 days, they might get wage-based compensation. These workers usually work on immediate cases.

Industries of temporary labor

  1. Electronics

The temporary labor in the electronic industry can range from fixing up small residential electrical issues to setting up the entire electricity system of a building. These works can include socket repair, repairing loose wiring, light holders repairing, MCB fixing, and other issues related to wiring and electricity. Big projects for temporary workers include fixing up wiring for residential and commercial buildings.

  • Construction

Construction sites require temporary workers for various purposes. These works can include excavation, carpentry, concreating, marking & grading, and related works. The work that actually happens at a construction site is not the only construction work. There are other types of construction work as well. We will see the types of temporary construction work later in this article.

  • Warehouse

Warehousing is a task that requires quite some labor work. The workers in this industry usually deal with loading and unloading boxes, moving and organizing inventory, and replacing the old stock with new and more manual work. Warehousing is somehow also connected with transportation, and the laborers have to load the trucks to move the inventory.

Construction Workers

If you think construction workers include just laborers that build the building, you might want to reconsider that thought.

A lot more comes under construction workers, and they are given below:

  • Landscapers- 

Landscapers refer to landscape gardeners, or in other words, gardeners who specialize in landscape gardening. Landscape gardening means building up of garden or outer space with plants like a yard or patio. Usually, when the construction work is done, and the place is dusty, people consider hiring landscapers to make the area aesthetically pleasing and fresh.

  • Carpenters- 

A construction site is not just about tiles, bricks, and cement; it is also about wood and carpentry. When building a house, carpenters are needed to make various architectural elements such as doors, windows, in-built wardrobe, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and more. This creates a need to hire carpenters for a temporary time. It can be a full-fledged project or might be an assistance job, depending on the needs of the employer.

  • Flagging Jobs

When a building is under construction, many times, the roads around the area are disrupted. This mostly happens while building large projects like building a new metro station, bridge, or highways. In this case, someone has to be there to maintain the flow of traffic and guide it to the alternative road. Another function of a flagger can be providing signals to the people about construction work ahead and so.

  • First Aid Attendants

In places like a construction site, the danger of accidents cannot be ignored. It is about the safety of laborers, and an employee’s safety should be the number one priority for any company. To provide immediate first-aid in case of an accident or emergency, first aid attendants are hired. Accidents can happen at any time, and there should be someone to make things easier for the suffering person in that case.

  • To clean the construction site

Temporary construction workers are also hired to clean up the construction site after the work is done. Construction projects can take months to complete, and the constructor would want to make sure that the result of the time shows. This also creates the need to hire temporary laborers.


There is more to just construction laborers that account for construction workers. A lot goes on in fully completing a project. Just like in the construction industry, the electronics and warehouse industry also has various aspects to it.  

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