For anyone starting a new business, startup, or side project, knowing how to become popular on Instagram is a valuable skill. Here are the steps Instagram took in turning the side project into a profitable business.

1- Engage Instagram users throughout the testing phase:

 It’s critical to get feedback on your initial product thoughts and ideas while starting a new firm. To ensure the success of your business on Instagram likes, however, you need to incorporate members of the Instagram community into your testing to obtain crucial input.

 2-All visitors should be directed to your Instagram page:

In order to get your business off the ground on Instagram, you must make your Instagram the primary source of information regarding your launch date, product offerings, and more!  By directing all traffic from blog posts, emails, and your website to your Instagram profile, you get a good start on creating your Instagram community.

In order to get noticed on Instagram, you should start directing people toward your account before your launch. 

 3Establish a following before your launch:

Create a buzz before going live to ensure a successful launch of your Instagram business!

4- View a stunning glimpse of your Instagram feed:

Instagram is a terrific way to connect with friends and family, but only if your account looks its best!  Your visual content should demonstrate the type of content your customers and potential customers may anticipate from you, as well as provide an explanation of your company’s identity and mission. Postpone the launch of your Instagram account until you’ve created a visually appealing preview feed.

 5- Create a username that is Instagram-friendly:

 Naming your company is already a daunting task, but don’t forget Instagram! In addition to wanting an Instagram username that has already been taken (and preferably available on all social media platforms), you should also consider your hashtags.

 6Provide Instagram-only perks:

Once you’ve built up a sizable Instagram following and a visually stunning Instagram feed, you’ll want to keep your consumers and community interested in and excited about your company. One simple method is to give Instagram-exclusive incentives, privileges, or discounts. Offering a small incentive can have a big impact, whether it’s in the form of an Instagram discount code or an Instagram giveaway.

 7- Take Part in Hashtags:

Growing a business on Instagram requires patience and commitment, and the job never ends! Maintaining a well-organized Instagram calendar and posting schedule is as simple as scheduling ahead of time on Instagram.  Even after you’ve launched your business, you’ll need to spend time and money using hashtags to connect with other Instagram users.

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