After the company responded to his open letter, Neil Young requested that Spotify remove Joe Rogan’s music from its service Spot Followers.  Young posted a letter to Spotify on his website this week, but it has since been taken down.

Young demanded that the platform chooses between Rogan’s podcast and his catalog. In the letter, the Canadian-American musician, aged 76, stated,

“They can choose between Rogan and Young. One but not both. “

Young said that he was giving Spotify an ultimatum because the company was supposedly not willing to fight COVID-related lies.

What did Neil Young have to say about Joe Rogan’s Spotify podcast?

Young noted learning about Spotify’s lack of disinformation policies from a recent open letter written by medical professionals regarding software such as the JRE. Afterward, Young reportedly penned a piece, as reported by numerous entertainment blogs.

“I concluded that I could no longer support SPOTIFY’s life-threatening misinformation to music fans.”

An open letter signed by over 270 medical professionals in early January accused Rogan’s show of spreading misinformation. Furthermore, they urged Spotify to implement appropriate misleading policies.

A number of difficulties with COVID misinformation have surfaced after Rogan inked a contract with Spotify for the exclusive rights to broadcast his JRE podcast brand of content. In an April 2021 podcast episode, Rogan stated,

Generally speaking, I believe vaccinations to be safe. However, if you’re over the age of 21 and you’re asking me, “Should I get vaccinated?” I’d say yes. I’ll go no. “

In addition, he made dubious medical statements regarding the “need for concern” among healthy individuals. Ivermectin was offered by the 54-year-old podcaster as a possible cure for COVID-19 in September.

The FDA has previously declared that the medicine was “dangerous” in high dosages and advised COVID patients not to drink it. US government’s most senior medical adviser, Dr. Anthony Fauci was opposed to Joe Rogan’s views.

Spotify preferred Rogan over Young.

It is claimed that between seven and ten million individuals have subscribed to or followed The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast, but Spotify has not disclosed this information. The podcast hosted by Joe Rogan has an average audience of 11 million listeners for each episode.

The number of Joe Rogan’s followers and streams are the primary reasons why Spotify opted to support him. His JRE podcast is the most streamed in the world, and the streaming company that bought the rights to it in late 2020 has said great things about it.

As a result of [Rogan] encouraging new user adds, activating first-time podcast listeners, and driving good engagement patterns, including vodcast consumption,”

“Exceeded expectations” was also a statement made later in April. It’s important to note that Spotify paid over $100 million for Rogan’s show and has no intention of removing it from the platform.

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