Every single student wants to ace every subject and top in every class. Extraordinary students have more benefits due to their exceptional skills than regular students, for example, teachers are more friendly and supportive of them. Students make a great amount of effort in becoming the top scorer in the class, with appreciation, and become the teacher’s favourite. Getting high grades will not allow a person to succeed. It is not the only element that will make an individual the best student in the class. Students often find online classes very boring, therefore they use online class taking services such as Take My Class. This post will help the reader understand the 10 ways or steps for becoming a standout online student.


While taking an online class, one should keep themselves concentrated. Stay attentive during online classes to avoid daydreaming, which can put a bad impact. For becoming a standout student, one must be aware of what is being taught in the online lecture. Writing notes, asking questions and interacting with the teachers and the students can be extremely helpful

Manage deadline

Proper time management is very essential. Many students are unable to finish their tasks before the deadline (BestAssignmentWriters, 2022). Students are responsible for not completing their assignments on time, however, this happens due to the extreme pressure and stress of the teachers. This leads to mismanagement of time and losing focus in completing assignments. Therefore, for becoming a standout online student, one must complete assignments on time and take every online class with concentration. Make a to-do list for listing the assignments and tasks according to their priority, this will help a person in completing important assignments first. Completing every assignment before the deadline will automatically make you a standout student. If you think online class takes a lot of time, and you are unable to spend time on self-study, then you can pay someone to do online class while you focus on the other subjects.

Become an extrovert

Being an introvert and having a shy personality will not take you anywhere. Adapt the characteristics of an extrovert. Indeed, you cannot start right away, you should start by initiating the conversation and taking part in class discussions. Start interacting with teachers and students and exchange conversations with them, this will help them remember you. Take part in class discussions. This will strengthen your relationship with your teachers and fellow students. Therefore, you must become an extrovert to be a standout student.

Act different

Acting and being different in a positive way will automatically make you a standout student and put a spotlight on you. A lot of things hold significance in terms of the way you interact, communicate, reply, and distinguish, and your dress-up matters too. Don’t overdress or dress up exaggeratedly. Make sure that the outfit you wear is not eccentric or inappropriate. It should be suitable for the online class and must match your character and nature. Wearing a decent outfit will also help.

Develop friendship with the teachers

Having a good relationship with the teacher or being friends with them can help you in being a standout student in the online class. Interact more with the teacher during the online lecture and ask questions more often. This will make the teacher remember you as you will be an active participant in the online lecture. Furthermore, if you do not understand the lecture and need further help, then you can request your teacher for separate assistance aside from the online class. This will allow the teacher to remember your name and face, and eventually, you will become your teacher’s favorite.


Participate in class activities and discussions

Make sure to participate in class activities and discussions if you want to impress others and stand out in online classes. Teachers and fellow students will only remember you if you take part in the class discussion and activities and raise questions. You have a great opportunity to ask questions during the online lecture and solve your queries then and there. Nevertheless, a lot of people are not confident and bold enough to speak or ask questions in front of the whole class. Considering that everyone is allowed to speak up, you have the full right to ask questions. This will put a good impression on other students, and they will value you.

Communicate and interact with class fellows and friends

Sometimes people do not initiate a conversation with the person if he or she is an introvert. Therefore, you must always initiate a conversation with your friends and class fellows and interact with them. Aside from online lectures, many teachers make groups on different social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram etc. These applications will help you communicate with your friends and class fellows and will allow you to exchange thoughts and discuss different ideas.

Don’t be hesitant to ask question

To become a stand-out student online, you should ask questions more often. Asking more questions will help you in clearing your doubts and be advantageous for your studies. Obviously, that does not mean you should ask illogical and out-of-the-topic questions, as this is not at all appreciated by students and teachers. However, you should not worry about if you find difficulties in asking questions in the online class. You should take help from other students or your friends and message your teacher separately. The teachers will be very helpful in assisting you.

Participate in extracurricular activities

Taking part in online class activities and online extracurricular activities will make you a stand-out student. Involving in activities such as class quizzes, debates, presentations and various other activities will provide you with a lot of benefits. Your regular participation in these activities will impress other students. Apart from that, these activities will also help you in improving your thinking process and polish the skills that will help you in your studies.

Respect everyone

Respect is the most important that you must consider. People must know their boundaries (Manacha, 2018). Always respect and value your teachers and fellow students. Respecting others will cause them to respect and value you in return. Questioning your peers’ opinions is not rude, as everyone has their opinion. However, you should know how you speak, since your tone and way of communication can place a huge impact. Make sure to use appropriate language and try not to talk loudly or hastily. You should respect others in an online lecture too.


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