According to (bestassignmentwriter, 2021), many students find it quite difficult to write essay. No doubt, essay writing is not an easy task. On the other hand, many students taking help from the services of Buy College Essay. The professionals are helping the students in their essay writing. To meet strict deadline, the students have a chance to consult with the professionals and ensure a passing grade in their assignment.

Some students feel difficulty in writing long essays. It needs details and extensive research the students finds divergent to conduct. To overcome the solution, the students can take help “How to write 5000 words essay”.  The professionals helps them to write extensive dissertation writing. Many students are not able to take help from the online professionals. Thus, they should give emphasis on their essay writing skills. According to (Kumar, 2020), the five innovative approaches to improve essay writing are as under:

1.     Construct an Outline:

Before moving ahead, it is paramount to know what the writer wants to convey. One of the easiest ways to perceive the clear image of the essay is to make a basic outline. Outline emphasizes the main key points. The main structure of the article includes the introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction part focuses on the vital question the writer wants to target. Secondly, the body part incorporates all the pieces of evidence which play a considerable role in the thesis.

Thirdly, the writer displays arguments to convince the readers. Lastly, the conclusion part concludes everything in a short story. It is crucial to include at least three solid shreds of evidence to persuade the writer. The basic outline helps the writers to stay on point. The different points do not allow the reader to divert from the topic. Hence, constructing an abstract is one of the five innovative points to improve essay writing.

2.     Get a firm knowledge of Grammar and Punctuation:

The writer must use correct grammar and punctuation correctly describes what he wants to say. It is supreme to get a firm understanding of basic grammar before writing an essay. The basic knowledge of grammar includes understanding of verbs, subject agreement, pronoun usage, and a constructed sentence structure. The use of comma usage is necessary for essay writing. Apart from it, active voice is foremost in academic writing.

The writer must focus on the use of active voice. The active voice highlights the subject. However, sometimes, the passive voice fails to recognize the subject. The use of active voice makes the tone of the essay stronger. The sentence structure must be reliable and precise. The writer must avoid the use of unnecessary transition words in the text. Thus, the basic knowledge of grammar and punctuation is necessary to improve essay writing skills.

3.     Acknowledge the Argument and give Evidence:

While writing academic essay writing, the writer must have a key point in his mind. He mainly focuses on the point to satisfy the readers. The readers are unlikely to convince if the writer fails to give a strong argument. Before including any argument, the writer must know the reason behind the clash. He can consult many articles from different authors. Apart from it, the writer himself fully knows the evidence behind the argument.

The writer must make sure the evidence supports the essay topic or not. If not, he should go for extensive research to come up with strong evidence. The writer must be critical and thorough while evaluating the evidence. Everything he includes should have a clear and direct connection with the main topic. Therefore, the writer must acknowledge the argument and give strong evidence to gain the approval of the readers. It is one of the innovative ways to improve essay writing skills.

4.     Use Correct Vocabulary:

The use of good vocabulary is foremost to improve essay writing skills. The writer should emphasize the use of the correct lexicon if he is writing academic essay writing. In academic essay writing, the writer is writing to convince intelligent readers. Therefore, the use of accurate vocabulary is supreme. The use of faultless lexis is dominant over good vocabulary.

Sometimes, the writer uses words he does not know the meaning of. Thus it is a risk to use the words the writer does not know correctly. The readers are smart enough to detect compensation in the essay writing. Hence, using short but correct and vivid words is predominant in academic essay writing to impress the readers. The use of informal language leaves a negative impact on the mind of the reader. The writer should get a thorough understanding of using correct vocabulary before writing academic essay writings.

5.     Derive Proper Conclusion:

Sometimes, the writer does not pay full attention to the conclusion part. It is one of the most important parts of essay writing. The conclusion part summarizes the supporting ideas the writer discussed in the essay. It also puts light on the central idea of the essay.

Hence, the conclusion part is crucial so that the reader can have an overall view of the writing. It gives the logic regarding the disapproval or approval of the argument. The writer can learn to derive the proper conclusions. He can take help from the essays of other scholars.

Essay writing should be up to the mark. It does not only target a single person. Instead, it hits a larger audience. Thus, to win the hearts of the audience, everything should be up to the mark. The writer should consult with other authors. He can take help from the professionals. His research must follow a standard set of guidelines. The writer should take the account of everything to improve his writing skills.


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