They are practical thanks to the play of light and visual effects they generate in spaces, but no one can deny that mirrors are also decorative. And a lot. We tell you 9 tricks to decorate with mirrors and get more out of your home.

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1. Light Multipliers

One of the benefits of mirrors is their ability to multiply light. For this, it is important to place them in front of preferably natural light sources so that the mirrors reflect it throughout the space.

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2. Feeling of spaciousness

And depth! Mirrors have the property of visually expanding spaces. For this, we recommend that you place them in front of areas that are decorated so that the reflection of the mirror is attractive. If you want the effect to be even more accentuated, you can place it in front of a door so that, when it is opened, it reflects the rest.

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3. Good reflexes

We already told you about it in the previous point, but the design of the mirrors that we incorporate into the decoration is just as important as what they reflect. Do you want a greener dining room? The same is not necessary to put more plants and it is enough to put a mirror that reflects the ones you already have, for example.

4. They’re hanging… or not!

Imagination and creativity are the keys to enjoying decoration and achieving unique spaces full of personality. Mirrors are traditionally hung on the wall, but you can also hang them on a door or, better yet, rest them on your furniture or on the floor.

5. Teamwork

Collages and decorated walls are taken down to the last detail. You can mix several mirrors with your favorite works of art to create a composition on the wall or make it just with mirrors. The options are limitless: from covering the entire wall, to decorating just one area. Up to you!

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6. Show off your style

There are a wide variety of mirrors, both in shape and style. We recommend that you ask yourself at least two questions before deciding on one or the other. Where do I want to put it and for what purpose? If what you want is to add a dramatic touch to your decoration, you are undoubtedly looking for a mirror with a baroque or classic frame, if, on the other hand, you want to enhance its Nordic style, round mirrors will be your best allies. You will see that once you have found the answer to these two questions, you will be clear about which mirror is the best for you.

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7. Lightness

They say that mirrors and small spaces get along very well. It is not surprising if we take into account some of its properties: they visually enlarge the space and are light multipliers. But it is that, in addition, if we choose a model with a discreet frame (or directly without it), it will provide lightness. A quality to take into account in small spaces.

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8. Break neutrality

If we already know that the key is in the details! And there is nothing that cannot be saved, brightened up or renewed with them (the details and the wall mirrors, of course). Do you have a sober dining room decorated in white and gray and do you want to give it a fresh and modern air? A round mirror framed with gold metal rods can give you just what you need. Although if your decorative challenge is that your bedroom lacks light and style, we suggest you forget about the classic headboards and create a composition with mirrors and some of your favorite photographs framed in natural tones and whites to attract more light.

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9. Size matters

When buying a mirror it is important to consider where we are going to place it. Measure the space beforehand and take into account the size of the mirror you want to buy to avoid unwanted surprises when you go to place it. Imagine a white-walled entryway with a large console table and a mini mirror above it. Ridiculous, right? Although great evils, great remedies: you will always have to create a composition!  

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