A car AC goes a long way in keeping the occupants cool. Many long journeys can be completed successfully only because of the comfortable driving experience provided by a car AC.

Let us today see advantages of a car AC. We also cover the parts of a car AC and its working.

Car AC

Benefits of a car AC

[1] It keeps the environment cool by chilling the air that passes through it.

ACs are not a new invention. The technology has been around for far too long. The car manufacturers realized their importance and installed them in cars because of the many benefits they provide to car occupants.

[2] Provides a comfortable time inside the car

The ACs work hard to prevent the car occupants from sweating, ensuring that the time spent inside the car is pleasant and comfortable.

[3] It keeps the car air-conditioned all the time

ACs work hard to supply good air conditioning at all times. This ensures that a person can drive home with good AC comfort and save himself from getting harassed by the sun.

[4] Helps in increasing the resale value of a car

A car is more desirable if it has an AC. The resale value of a car increases significantly when it is equipped with an AC. In fact, it is hard to imagine a car in today’s times without an AC. Such is the importance of an AC in a car.

Parts of a car AC

The working of a car AC depends on the following components listed here-

– condenser

– heater

– filter

– evaporator

– air blower

– circuit breaker

A car AC consists chiefly of a compressor, evaporator, condenser, heater, and filter. 

Working principle of a car AC

In order to function, an AC needs ample power or energy, which works as a driving force. The windshield and windows are also used as part of a car AC while sucking in the cool breeze or air.

An air conditioner is essentially used to cool the air in the car. It works by moving heat to a place outside the vehicle. The air conditioner uses compressors and condensers to produce cooling effect by moving heat present in the intake air. A compressor uses its piston and cylinder arrangement to compress that trapped heat.

The compressor thus mechanically turns the refrigerant from a liquid state into a gas. This process happens in a compressed refrigerant valve, and it then moves through a receiver drier. After compression, it is directed via a tube to the condenser, where heat is removed from the compressed refrigerant under intense pressure. This refrigerant moves through the evaporator, where it can convert the surface heat into cool air. This air passes to the vents.

Fans are placed on the dashboard and in strategic places. These fans work to blow the cold air from the vent and release it to the car’s inner confines. This process also ensures moisture from the air is removed, thus effectively dehumidifying the air. As a result, the car occupants feel fresh and dehumidified air.

In the past, a car AC was an expensive item to purchase. However, the technology has improved and become a lot cheaper. As a result, we see almost all the cars that have ACs built into them. It is no surprise that it has become one of the most crucial accessories people look for when buying a car.

To conclude

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