Other than exchanges, there are cryptocurrency wallets where one can store their crypto assets safely. One must choose the best multi-cryptocurrency wallet having billions of users around the world. Ledger NanoX, Exodus, and Mycelium are some of the best examples. Before exploring the use of a crypto wallet, it is important to have a basic understanding of the cryptocurrency wallet. Further, we are going to list down some of the top desktop wallets of 2022. 

A cryptocurrency wallet is as important as a cryptocurrency exchange to look into the crypto-verse. It hardly matters whether you are an experienced trader or hodler seeking the best multi-crypto wallet for oneself can be puzzling. And this is what we are going to streamline some of the top picks for you. 

What are desktop wallets?

Before beginning with the list of top desktop wallets, let us briefly know what are desktop wallets. How are they different from other forms of crypto wallets. These are the programs where your private key is stored and managed on the hard drive of your computer. In this article, you will be briefed about the desktop wallets for different software. In comparison to mobile wallets, these crypto wallets (desktop) are much more secure. 

Desktop wallets can also be understood as hot wallets, as they are linked to the internet. And this is something that raises questions about their security. However, they can be a better solution for a minor quantity of Bitcoin or other alternative cryptocurrencies. 

Why choose desktop wallets?

For beginners, desktop wallets come as a safer option for crypto storage like hot wallets. For those who might not be having an idea about the hot wallets that are linked to the internet constantly. Exchanges, mobile apps, and wallets that are based upon the wallets come in this category. 

There are also those desktop wallets that are merely a graphical presentation of a cold wallet. Some of the best desktop wallets are much easier to use. They let you check up on your cryptocurrencies, transfer or send them, plus, take part in selling or staking in a few clicks. 

Factors you need to know before choosing a desktop wallet

The cryptocurrency industry has gained immense popularity with the the acceptance of blockchain technology by numerous sectors including automobile, hospitality, textile, health, media and entertainment, agriculture, finance, etc. With that,, there has been an immense rise in trusted and high-end crypto wallets. But popularity also comes with risks and threats. As in the case of the crypto world, it has drawn the attention of scammers and fake products. 

Hence, you must always confirm whether a particular desktop wallet is acquainted with security features. And if you skipped it, then your crypto assets are at risk. This is something you won’t desire. Another most important aspect is simplicity in usage. 

Top 3 desktop wallets in 2022

Now let us know those top 3 desktop wallets of 2022 below:


Trezor is one of the top desktop wallets that rules the crypto market. In comparison to other desktop wallets, its UI is very easier. It consists of all the assets on the side. You can choose either one, and have the option to pick and practice whatever you prefer. Be it buying, sending, selling, or receiving. Another key feature that makes Trezor the best desktop wallet is its user-friendly interface. Trezor is also updated with the latest security features. 


Electrum comes as another top BTC desktop wallet known worldwide. It is one of the oldest in the crypto industry. If you have held more bitcoins for a long duration, and have done research on the top wallets, then you must have come across the option of Electrum. The long life of this wallet is its best advantage. 

You won’t face any difficulty in using the Electrum wallet. You might not find this desktop wallet acquainted with some advanced features in comparison to other crypto storage options. Still, it will let you access vital functions as per your expectation while ensuring the safety of your crypto coins.

This desktop wallet does guarantee a safe solution, mainly in the case of BTC-based wallets. Plus, there is no storage of any information of users on its servers. This means a person has the authority to monitor his private keys. Electrum can be used without paying any price for it. For security reasons, it allows the use of 2FA, creating passwords, and other security features. 


Coming on to the next is Ledger. No doubt, it is one such famous desktop wallet on the market. Now you will wonder that when Ledger deals in cold wallets, then what makes it in the list of desktop wallets. Well, the answer lies in its simple user interface. Another big reason for Ledger being on the list of desktop wallets is its awesome user interface. It lets you switch color schemes and change from light to dark modes. It hardly matters depending on your choice, the interface will appear modern and smooth.

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