Netflix nowadays is widely filled with amazing Japanese manga and comic book series. Goblin Slayer is one of the most elite animation series that has made the top 10 list of millions of streamers out there. First-time released in 2018, Goblin Slayer season 1 broke many records. Now, it is time for Goblin Slayer season 2. After 4 years of success in season 1, fans are eager to find out if season 2 is coming out at all. Do you also find that out too? If yes, why wait! Let’s go ahead and see what’s coming —

Is there a Goblin Slayer season 2? 

To begin with, up until now, Goblin Slayer season 2 has not been released. But, surprisingly enough, Goblin Slayer season 2 is on the line of release very soon. 

At the end of Goblin Slayer season 1, viewers witnessed a thrilling encounter between Goblins, Goblin Slayers, and the Priestess. A surprising twist in the ending also took the viewers by their brain and blew it. Goblin Slayer, who has finally protected the farm, confesses his real feelings to the CowGirl. He does not want to fight anymore. However, will God be able to control his fate again? You will find out in Goblin Slayer season 2. 

When is Goblin Slayer season 2 coming out? 

In the event that you have been following the Goblin Slayer series on social media, you may remember that in January 2021, rumors of Goblin Slayer season 2 release surrounded the internet. However, fans were deeply disappointed. 

According to the inside details, there is a higher possibility that Goblin Slayer season 2 will be released by the end of the year 2022. Because the first season was released in October 2018, we can expect season 2 around the same monthly timeline. 

Where to watch Goblin Slayer season 1 and season 2?

For now, you can only stream Goblin Slayer season 1 on streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Prime, and Crunchyroll. On other platforms, Goblin Slayer season 1 may be released too. You can also check out the best sites to watch tv-series and movies for free. However, we do not recommend or promote the use of proxy (illegal) sites. 

What is the Goblin Slayer series about?

Like multiple manga series, Goblin Slayer also comes with a storyline that surrounds magic, dark humor, thrill, and adventure. The plot of Goblin Slayer begins with a priestess (who is free and independent to travel the world and perform rites/rituals for good people). Yet, of course, the world also consists of monsters, dragons, scary dungeons, etc. Thus, during her first attack by a monster in a dungeon, Goblin Slayer (the one who slays bad monsters/goblins) rescues her. 

As a result, Goblin Slayer, Priestess, and other characters come together in order to repair the world from the misery that monsters and Goblins are putting on humans. 

Here’s a fun fact before you go — did you know? Goblin Slayer’s 12th episode is one of the most-watched episodes in the world. In this episode, the Goblin Slayer’s face is finally revealed. 


With that being said, we hope that you get to stream Goblin Slayer season 2 soon. To get more information on elite manga series, comic series, Marvel Universe movies, and much more bookmark us. Thank you!

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