Remember Missy Rothstein? Yes! We are talking about Bam Wargera’s ex-fiance. You may also know her as Melissa Rothstein. In the past decade of the Hollywood Industry, Missy Rothstein was prominently acknowledged as a high-paid model and photographer. However, after splitting from her long-time boyfriend and finance Bam Margera, Missy Rothstein has not been in the talks for years. Fans are wondering, where is Melissa Roth now? Do you also want to find out? Let’s roll ahead —

Who is Missy Rothstein?

To begin with, Missy or Melissa Rothstein is an American model and photographer. She was best known for her various red carpet appearances with Bam Margera, who is a best-known television personality and stuntman in Hollywood. According to the inside details, Missy Rothstein, born on the 3rd of July in 1980, is a 42 years old former actress and television personality. She was a big-time part of Bam Margera’s MTV show called “Bam unholy reunion.”

Inside details reveal that Bam and Missy started dating in early 2000. However, they knew each other from way back. They were together in High school. Both were born in Springfield, Pennsylvania. 

Did you know? One time, Bam Margera told the media that he had a crush on Melissa back when they were teenagers. To the reader’s surprise, the couple crossed paths in LA long after finishing high school. 

Did Bam and Missy Rothstein marry? 

Forty-two years old Missy Rothstein is nowadays not active in Hollywood. After splitting with her boyfriend/ex-husband in 2009, Missy left everything. She left her career behind. 

According to the research, Bam Margera proposed to Melissa Rothstein for marriage in 2006. For 1 year, the couple remained engaged. In 2008, they tied the knot. Surprisingly enough, their marriage was promoted as a big-time Hollywood event. The couple’s marriage was also recorded and premiered on television.

Unfortunately, in 2009, Missy Rothstein filed for a divorce. According to the rumors surrounding Bam Margera, he was an alcoholic at the time. Missy never revealed the reason for the divorce. However, fans assume it is the drinking that led to divorce. 

Where is Missy Rothstein now?

For the most part, after divorcing Bam Margera in 2009, Missy Rothstein moved from Los Angeles to somewhere else. She has not been captured by the paparazzi since then. It seems like she does not want to come under the spotlight again. 

On the contrary, Missy Rothstein’s ex-husband, Bam Margera, is now married to Nichole Boyd. She is also an American actress. The couple also has a kid together. 

It is unknown if Missy Rothstein is still single or if she married someone else. 

What is Missy Rothstein? 

To begin with, Missy Rothstein was quite active in Hollywood for seven years as a model, supporting actress, and photographer. In the meantime, she built her net worth quite high. Our estimation speaks that Missy Rothstein’s Net Worth is $1 Million in 2012. However, her net worth in 2022 is unknown as she is not trackable by the media. 

What’s more? 

So, this was the story of Missy Rothstein and how she moved out of Hollywood! Did you know? In 2012 or earlier, Missy Rothstein’s nude pictures surrounded the internet. Want to know more about celebrities? Get daily updates. Bookmark us today! 

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