Born on 4th September 1997, Clesi Crochet is a 25 years old famous Athlete who served as a real-time student coach at Biose University seven years ago. During that time, Clesi contributed much of her efforts to the sports industry by acting as a dance team coach, sports coach, and much more. Without a doubt, Clesi is one of the best females in the Sports industry and is an inspiration for thousands of women out there. So, are you also wondering what Clesi Crochet is upto now? Let’s find out —

Who is Clesi Crochet? 

To begin with, Clesi Crochet is popularly acknowledged for being one of the interns at the Boise Football Team Program. According to the inside details, in 2018, Clesi served as the sports assistant to multiple players during the timeline. Today, she is a valuable part of Auburn University, where she is an Assistant to the Head Coach and Football Operations. 

In the context of education, Clesi has pursued a degree in communications. After completing graduation in 2019, she joined Boise State University. There she served for a year (during the COVID-19 pandemic) at the formerly mentioned position. 

However, fans are confused because Clesi does not seem like a celebrity. Why is she going viral online? Are you also here to find out the same? Why wait, let’s go —

Why is Clesi Crochet famous?

According to our research, Clesi Crochet has been captured by the paparazzi with the famous all-time winner Football Coach Bryan Harsin. To the reader’s surprise, Bryan Harsin has also served at the Boise State University as Head Coach of Football position. Thus, it is clear that Clesi Crochet and Bryan Harsin are related professionally. 

Yet, of course, Clesi Crochet and Bryan are going viral on the internet because of the rumor. What rumor? Let us tell you — after a terrible game in 2019, rumors about Clesi Crochet and Bryan Harsin started to roam on Twitter. During that time, Clesi was serving as Bryan’s assistant. 

Upon such rumors, many athletes and other international coaches called it cruel. Similarly, Bryan and Clesi Crochet herself has not reacted to the surrounding affair rumors. 

You will also be shocked to acknowledge that Bryan Harsin is married to Kes Harsin. On Twitter, Kes has commented on the rumors. In her words, she wrote, “Spread by fools.” 

In 2021, Clesi Crochet left Boise State University due to the rumors (unconfirmed). She is now assistant to the head coach at Auburn University. She also acts as a recruitment coordinator there. 

What is Clesi Crochet’s Net Worth? 

Here’s a fun fact: did you know? Clesi Crochet has been in the sports industry for a long time. As a student in 2015, she served as an assistant at an international football program. Further, being employed at a university as elite as Auburn, without a doubt, she must be earning good. But how much exactly? Let’s find out —

According to the latest estimation, Clesi Crochet’s net worth is less than $1 Million. Her net worth is not revealed by any source yet. On the contrary, rumored boyfriend Bryson Harsin’s Net Worth stands at 7 Million USD approximately. 

Want more? Start your gears because we will be bringing more information to Clesi soon. Stay tuned on this page. 

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