Who would not love to see their homes look beautiful with the modern simple POP design for ceilings? Creative ceilings and walls can give a stunning look to your living room. Moreover, guests can admire your home and look forward to copying your stylized ceilings. 

POP designs have become more popular and you can shape your ceilings into any particular shape. For example, Guitar, Bird, Train or whatever you can think of. POP (Plaster of Paris) is white powder that hardens when mixed with water. Also, it can give you the best interiors for your home. Here, we go with the best modern simple POP designs. 

Why choose POP designs?

Nowadays, we follow the traditions that are trending, and POP designs for walls and ceilings are running in the market. For this reason, you can go for the POP textures on your walls as well as on ceilings. Below are some more benefits:

  • Firstly, these designs add a luxury and people visiting your home can appreciate it.
  • Secondly, they come waterproof as well as fireproof. You can easily judge the benefit.
  • And lastly, POP not only adds beauty to your home but also it is budget-friendly.

Top 5 modern simple POP design

According to today’s modernity, we have selected the best modern simple POP design for you.

#Number 1 – Single layered modern simple POP design

Single layered POP designs are more simple and can reflect peace in your home. You can go for any shape for the single layer. 

#Number 2 – Double layered modern simple POP design

Double layered POP designs can be more classic and fashionable. You can go for this design in the spacious living rooms that have a high ceiling. You can explore different patterns and shapes for this choice. 

#Number 3 – 3D design

The people who want something to look more real can go for the three-dimensional wall or ceiling art. 3D Design is also a modern simple POP design. However, 3D designs can be a little expensive but if you can pay the amount, go for it. 

#Number 4 – Textured designs for walls

You can go for different textures to make your walls look graceful. Some of the textures are popcorn, comb, slap brushed, etc. These are some rough textures, meanwhile you can have a plain texture also. Some of them are Matte, slimy, soft and bald.

#Number 5 – Designs for bedroom

You can enjoy the luxurious bedrooms by setting your interiors with wood. Bedrooms should be kept as simple as you can. Thus, you can go for any geometric shape, for example rectangle, square triangle, circle, etc. Moreover, geometric shapes can make you feel classy. Further, you can choose floral designs that add more romance and love to your bedroom. 

However, for your kids bedroom, you can go for colored shapes, or characters they like. You need to keep it colored that your kids would love. 

Colours you can choose ! 

  • In addition to POP designs, you should be very creative while selecting colours. You can choose light colours like purple, lemon yellow, ice blue to make your ceilings more simple. 
  • Also, if your house is white coloured in whole, you can go for red, green, and other bright colours.

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