Moving is always a great time to give someone a gift. Preferably go for a specific gift that suits the recipient and of course the new home. This way the interior can be nicely decorated right away. Here are our tips for the best housewarming gifts.

Beautiful crockery

We use our crockery every day. That’s why it makes such a good gift! Especially if someone is going to live on their own for the first time, and therefore does not yet have a complete dinner set. Tableware can be found in all kinds of looks. Pay attention to the color, among other things: you may know the favorite color of the person you want to give it to. And also think of the part to give as a gift. Plates, bowls or mugs – it’s all possible. Glasses also fit in the list. For example, give beautiful wine glasses . That will make every wine lover happy! And so there is something suitable for everyone to come up with.


Plants are cheerful and an ideal addition to a new home. After all, they immediately create more atmosphere! Fortunately, there are plenty of plants that are easy to care for, such as a cactus or a succulent. Green fingers are not even necessary. Also think carefully about whether you want to give a small plant that will fit in a corner anyway, or whether you want to show off with a large plant. It also just depends on the size of the house the recipient is moving to.

Vase with Flowers

Do cheerful flowers appeal to the recipient more than a plant? Then get a beautiful bunch of flowers. You can just give the bunch as is, but it is just that little bit more special to also choose a nice vase to go with it. This way, the bunch of flowers can be placed directly on the table or in the windowsill. It makes the new home a lot more homely.

Tile with a spell

We all know them: the tiles with spells! Get a tile with a standard spell as a gift, or make your own. Perhaps there is an appropriate statement that you always have a lot of fun with, or you can both find yourself in the lyrics of a certain song. That way you definitely give a personal gift.

Scented candle or scented sticks

A nice smell in the house is always desirable! And since we sometimes have to get used to a new scent in another home, it’s a good idea to give scented candles or scented sticks as a gift. A perfect addition to the living room, bathroom or toilet.

Wooden cutting board

One last practical tip: give a good chopping board as a gift. Preferably a wooden plank, because that simply looks the chicest. A serving board is also an option, for snacks and cheeses.

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