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80% of men in the world suffer from some sexual disorders called erectile dysfunction and male impotence and for men who are ashamed to discuss with a doctor for the solution of these disorders, a best medicine has been developed by a company called fortune healthcare and the drug is called fildena 100. Men who suffer from ED and are looking for a quick fix should start taking fildena, a prescription based drug. Fildena is a traditional medicine and helps you fight ED immediately. Buy fildena 100 to stay away from ED.

All men should know the main cause of its origin before taking fildena for ED and the main reason for the emergence of ED is the lack of blood flowing to the penis. The penis cannot receive enough blood when the blood vessels that carry blood to the penis begin to constrict due to the stressful life. Fildena medicine works by removing the ED problem permanently and providing solid erection to all men naturally. After taking fildena medicine, as a result all ED men will be able to have sex and get erection longer.

Fildena is used to treat patients suffering from erectile dysfunction. Fildena treatment is one of the best answers for men who are having difficulty in achieving the desired erection to enjoy the best sexual satisfaction with their partner. The use of a branded drug called generic viagra was recommended by a doctor before the fildena drug was developed. Viagra which is called the best ED solution is very expensive so it is not chosen by ED men. There is only one drug that can defeat ED like viagra and that drug is fildena. Fildena is said to be the best version of generic viagra. Fildena is said to be a miracle drug that works miraculously to turn a weakened penis into a hardened one.

Fildena Tablet Dosage

Fildena 25

Fildena 50

Fildena 100

Fildena 120

Fildena 150

Fildena CT 50

Fildena CT 100

Fildena Double 200

Fildena Super Active

How Does Fildena Work?

If men due to erectile dysfunction cannot provide intimate happiness to their partner despite their desire, then they should know the main cause of the emergence of ED and start treating it. ED occurs in men when the constricted blood vessels found in the body do not have the ability to deliver blood to the penis so a functional ingredient called sildenafil citrate is needed to control the blood problem and this ingredient is found in the drug fildena as a compound. The drug fildena works to open the constricted blood vessels so that the blood flow to the penis increases and the penis becomes solid enough during intercourse. The work of providing relaxation to the muscles around the penis is also done by fildena medicine.

How To Take Fildena?

The doctor recommends taking fildena 30-40 minutes before intercourse so that men can easily harden their penis during intercourse. As fildena is an oral medicine, it can be easily taken orally by all men. Fildena should be taken by all men on an empty stomach or with a nutritious diet as fildena may not work effectively with fatty foods. All men who take fildena will be able to harden their penis easily and run the hardening of the penis for 4-6 hours.

Side Effects Of Fildena Tablet

Redness or facial flushing


Runny nose

Back pain


Stomach pain


Blurry vision


Muscle pain


Shortness of breath

Precautions To Keep During Use:

Anyone who is allergic or hypersensitive to many functional ingredients such as sildenafil citrate should avoid using this fildena medicine.

Fildena is not recommended by a doctor for people suffering from medical conditions such as cardiac disease, abnormal blood pressure, liver disease, bleeding disorders, kidney disease, retinitis piminosis and stomach ulcers.

Use of any other nitrate drugs with fildena should be avoided as it may cause immediate drop in blood pressure.

Avoid taking any other ED Pills when you are already using fildena.

Men who suffer from ED should not eat fatty and heavy foods as these foods reduce the effectiveness of the drug.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages and grapefruit juice should be stopped while taking fildena.

Men who want to get rid of the weakness of their penis and get the solid erection needed for the pleasure and satisfaction of sex quickly need to buy fildena medicine and to buy this fildena visit our pharmacy. The fildena medicine available at this pharmacy is very safe and guarantees to give the expected results to all men.

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