Fiona Diamonds

Human history is known for its fascination with precious jewels, and indubitably diamonds cannot be scooped out from the glares of historicity. Not much has changed in modern times as diamonds are still prized possessions of women and are seen as a symbol of love and eternal union. It is a cherished tradition gifted from the past to the future generations and an indelible token of legacy that continues to live on.

Tazz Seikh and Mir Al Co-founders of Fiona Diamonds

Making a hallmark in the diamond business, Fiona Solitaires is the first and the only brand that sells a wide range of diamonds like natural diamonds, LG or sustainable diamonds, and rare to find moissanite catering to all the demands of diamond lovers. It excels in quality and variety, fashioned with modern and vintage designs to create an overarching pleasing look.

Tazz Seikh and Mir Al co-founded Fiona Diamonds in the late 2000s, which was a risk-taking venture at that time as nobody believed that selling a rare type of diamond-like Mossainettes would be a saleable idea. But Fiona Diamonds completely altered people’s perceptions and sold Mossainettes like hot cakes in Dubai.

Fiona also has earned the cachet of being the first brand to sell sustainable diamonds, chalk out an eco-friendly policy, and raise awareness in the industry and among the buyers.

It sells Engagement rings, proposal rings, and plain gold rings for all occasions and its customers come from all backgrounds, from middle-class working people to elites.

Fiona Diamonds has also opened an e-commerce site to make diamond rings affordable and accessible to all and ensure doorstep delivery to millions of customers. They have gone a step ahead with active customer teams on social media like Whatsapp and phone to help in case of queries like jewellery selection or any other issue to place orders etc.

With three brand exclusive stores in Dubai and an increasing number of franchises across the country, Fiona Diamond has amplified its customer services by polishing and cleaning services to ensure long-term care and maintenance of the jewellery. It has also facilitated online retail in the US and B2B supply in Dubai.

Commenting on the enormous success, Tazz Seikh, Founder, of Fiona Diamonds, said, “With the ever-expanding presence and digital outreach, Fiona has been able to gain the love and trust of our customers. Jewellery is not an artifice and projection of pretentiousness. Sentimental values are attached to the accessories, and we take it upon ourselves to deliver value-based products to our buyers as we know there is a certain level of emotionality beseeched with diamonds.”

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