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Fred Harmon on the value of self-restraint:

“Situational rather than habitual self-restraint is always a strain. Self-mastery lets us relax and focus on results even in tense situations. The world-famous tennis star does not lose her concentration because she is behind in the deciding set. Long practice in controlling her emotions permits her to continue playing at her peak. The practice of self-restraint in making common everyday acts more perfect builds up a similar inner calm on which one can rely in any crisis.”

Source: The Executive Odyssey: Secrets for A Career Without Limits


Andrew and Nada Kakabadse and Linda Lee-Davies on staying forever refreshed as a leader::

“Successful leadership is never truly mastered as it is an organic service which must be ever refreshed and refined. The changing nature and demands of the follower and the changing nature and demands of the external environment mean that even once the leader has reached a point of maximum provision for their troops in their current state, they must put some serious planning into the next likely situation they will face. There is no rest, learning to lead never stops and the truly successful, the truly great leader knows that they are leading to learn.”

Source: Leading for Success: The Seven Sides to Great Leaders

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