Triphala is an ancient ayurvedic product. It is not a herb, but a combination of herbs. Triphala means “Tri”(Three) and “Phala”(Fruit). It contains three fruits named amla, bibhitaki and haritaki. Triphala is famous for boosting immunity, skin problems and mainly improving digestive problems.  In old times, people have been usedContinue Reading


Yes, a diabetic patient can drink mangosteen juice without any problem. Instead, mangosteen is good for the diabetic because it has anti-diabetic properties.  The regular use of mangosteen juice helps diabetics by reducing the intensity of their symptoms and improving their well being for general wellness.  Diabetes is a veryContinue Reading

bone health

MSM stands for methylsulfonylmethane . It is an organic sulfur compound found in plants, animals and also humans. It might sound familiar to you because it is famous for arthritis patients. It is the most effective remedy that reduces the inflammation and pain in the arthritis problem to its anti-inflammatoryContinue Reading

Diabetes is a global issue that affects millions of people. About 10% of diabetic patients have type 1 diabetes. Normally, type 1 diabetes begins in childhood or adulthood. But also has the possibility to develop later. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease, in which the body’s immune system startsContinue Reading

Male Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction are one of the sexual disorders that have been seen in males. The male reproductive system is very sensitive to the various types of external influences and diseases. The excess stress, aggressive nature, too much masturbation, low testosterone and much more cause male impotence inContinue Reading

saw palmetto

Among men, it is very common to have prostate enlargement and its related problem with urination. It is quite common to see in the old and mild age people. Men after 40, start having such issues. The main cause of prostate enlargement is not known. Many factors affect it. LikeContinue Reading

korean ginseng

Yes, Korean Ginseng or Korean Red Ginseng or Panax Ginseng is an aphrodisiac herb. It has aphrodisiac properties that give health benefits to the body. Let’s first talk about the Aphrodisiac? In general, it is defined as food that works to arouse the sexual instinct in the body, induce desires,Continue Reading